Up close and personal..The Anger of Left.

Discussion in 'Politics' started by GWBfan, Nov 17, 2004.

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    This is an email I recieved from a friend of almost 20 years during the heat of the elections. We have been struggling with our polar opposite views regarding politics for quite some time. I will NEVER see any point to the ultra-liberal stance. She's a card-carrying liberal.
    And as mature adults, we've decided that friendship is more important.. So I present her viewpoint on an anonymous basis. It's ugly, but up for civil discussion please!

    > As far as the websites go, I don't know what DU is, but I have been on
    > sorryeverybody.com and feel the exact same way those folks do. If they are
    > college students, then give me college students over Lexus SUV driving
    > soccer moms in Plano or Highland Park any old day. I can certainly
    > understand the desire to separate oneself from the masses who voted for
    > Bush, I have a new bumper sticker on my car which does just that. Plus,
    > keep in mind that 55 million people voted for Kerry, the largest number of
    > votes against an incumbent in history and I truly doubt all 55 million of
    > those came from college kids. Lots of college kids voted for Bush as well,
    > but they are different? Believe me, as hateful and caustic as SOME
    > Republicans can be, I feel 110% sure there would be tons of anti-Kerry
    > websites out there if he'd been elected, as if there aren't already.
    > George Bush arrogantly led this country into war, based on lies. Bottom
    > line. Those are facts, not partisan dribble. Had he let the weapons
    > inspectors finish their jobs, he would have found there were no WMD's in
    > Iraq and maybe, just maybe gone after another target besides a country that
    > had no WMD's and had nothing to do with 9/11.. Osama bin laden perhaps?
    > This, on top of many other issues are reasons you are finding such
    > bitterness towards this man from half the country, including me. This
    > election was won on the basis of "moral values" rather than economics and
    > war. When it becomes clear that we are sacrificing these kids lives in Iraq
    > over "misinformation" and half the country continues to vote for him, in my
    > eyes, we've got BIG problems. It's just so much more important that Bill
    > and Bob never marry and Cindy can't go get an abortion and Yahoos can own
    > assault weapons that we'll elect a person who takes us into war that was
    > obviously not planned well and take 1,100 plus of our own kids, not to
    > mention 1,000's of Iraqi civilians lives. I consider myself a patriot as
    > well, that is why I don't condone or support this war because we are
    > fighting the wrong folks. These kids are dying because Saddam Hussein tried
    > to kill Bush's daddy and he holds a grudge. Yes, it is truly a wonderful
    > thing that Hussein has been captured and will hopefully be eliminated soon.
    > The man is ilk and the world is better off without him, for sure.
    > However...Osama bin Laden is obviously still alive and living and
    > reorganizing and he and his clan are the ones who ARE responsible for the
    > attacks on our country, not Saddam Hussein...His clan will be responsible
    > for the next attack on our country, most likely NYC or DC, LA or SFO, the
    > blue states that voted against Bush. You think he's going to attack
    > Cincinnati or Tampa? This is why people are angry and I'm right there with
    > them. I can direct you to a website that makes me look like Snow White. I'm
    > not a person who is a "hater" (a term of my Republican father) in general.
    > I hate people who abuse animals and other people and yes, I do hate this
    > administration. They do not protect my beliefs and values. If we were
    > fighting Osama bin Laden and crew, I'd be all over that but we're not.
    > We're in a war with people who have never done a thing to this country. You
    > cannot expect people to just jump on a "support the president" bandwagon
    > when they have been dealing with him and his neo-conservative beliefs for 4
    > years. It's just not going to happen. 49% of this country do NOT want to be
    > led by this man any longer.Plus, I give no credit to him for "subsidizing
    > my dog-sitter", that benefit was in place long before he got into office.
    > Do you think Don is going to be better off in 4 years? I don't think so at
    > all...
    > This is a blurb from one of my emails to my father:
    > "Well, let's see...He lied about the reasons we went to war with a country
    > who had nothing to do with 9/11 , our health care is in shambles, he caters
    > to the ultra-rich ( I happen to have nothing but middle class friends) and
    > large corporations, not to mention his religious wacko friends, he's
    > ruining the environment, he's arrogant as hell, he attempts to amend the
    > constitution when he sees fit, he AWOL'd from the TX Nat'l Guard which
    > we've still never gotten to the bottom of, Cheney managed to avoid fighting
    > in Vietnam 5 times, but yet Kerry was the bad guy,(according to the Swift
    > Boat Fools), a man who volunteered to leave his family and fight, something
    > these 2 know nothing about, I'm pro-choice and he'll see to it that Roe v
    > Wade is abolished somehow, I'm not gay, but I believe in civil unions and
    > gay rights , something he'll forever fight, not to mention that he's
    > managed to divide the country in a way I've never seen before. I realize
    > that Enid is 99.9% Republican, but there are lots of us out there who will
    > not support him and his "moral values." I'll take my morals over his any
    > old day.."
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    Damn - I don't know where to start! Poor little thing - she's a true believer, isn't she? Hook, line, and sinker. She hates people who abuse animals and other people (great sense of proportion there), yet decries the possibility that Cindy won't be able to get an abortion. Abandon common sense, all ye who enter here!

    I really like the emerging liberal line - Americans elected Bush because of morals. I submit that Kerry cut his own throat - and sank his party - during that first debate. That's the one where he supposedly kicked Bush's ass so bad. He spoke two words that resonated with Americans, and gave them a rare, honest glimpse at the essential difference between the two parties. Those words were, of course:

    "Global test".

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