The true borders of Israel

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    Personally, I'm a Christian, and as such don't really think much of Israel's efforts to win over God. I believe they broke the Old Covenant to the point in which God had to come down to earth Himself, as our Lord Jesus Christ, to set it straight and start over. Thus, the New Covenant (celebrated this coming weekend).

    That said, I don't blame the Israelis for taking their land back from the Muslim invaders (ie, ancestors of the palestinians).

    Look at their current borders with those prescribed by God. God gave them a LOT more land than they currently have.

    A two-state solution would be fine, and I bet Israel would go for it, but that means the Palestinians need to adhere to original boundaries, and move out of the West Bank and Gaza.

    It's the plan anyway. Israel will never rest until they have back their original borders. I suppose that after that they can try to figure out where the Ark is that they carelessly lost in battle.

    The following map shows their original borders (blue to red shows slightly different interpretations of the Old Testament). They Israelis still need a bit more from Lebanon, Egypt, Jordon, etc. It's their land. It was given to them by God. So why shouldn't they try to win it back?



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