The Secret Conversation

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    There is a secret level of communication going on all around us. The same way adults talk about politics and it doesn’t matter to kids who know nothing of and care not of what is being discussed, so we as a human species are like children while a higher dimension of communication is present all around us. We pick up some clues but they are easily dismissed as coincidence. These higher dimensional forces are intelligent in nature, but not beings in the way we think of ourselves or animals as beings. They are evident in patterns in our own communication of which we are not consciously aware of like letter frequency and geometrical distribution of concepts. To even understand the conversation we need to care about the same things these forces “care” about (for lack of a better term). We need to have the same values.

    One reason the pattern doesn’t easily present itself is that these forces are in a discussion and they do not always agree. Also, the patterns are dispersed across varied actors and concepts.

    We as a society are just now entering an age where our communications are time/date stamped and we have the resources and technology to truly investigate these patterns. As we mature, we can become part of this higher consciousness level of communication.
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    Thanks! I'm relieved to know this. I had been wondering where those little voices in my head were coming from. Had me worried.
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