Russians Intimidate NATO: Alliance Rejects Georgia and Ukraine

Discussion in 'Europe' started by onedomino, Apr 3, 2008.

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    In what the nation of Georgia described as a victory for Russia, NATO rejected the American proposal to begin the process of admitting Georgia and the Ukraine to the alliance. NATO caved to Putin who had vehemently opposed the expansion of NATO to include the former Soviet states. There is no analysis in the media this morning as to why France and Germany led the effort to bow to the Russians and beat back the American proposal. We already know that Germany is afraid of the Russians and possible natural gas cutoffs. They have seen how Putin punished the Ukraine recently by reducing gas shipments. The New Soviets are on a roll. Stuff a few petro dollars in the pockets of totalitarians and the result is coercion and resumed nuke bomber patrols. The ghost of Yuri Andropov animates Putin.


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