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    The Bull Ring Rules and Guidelines

    +ONLY the participants are allowed to debate/participate/comment in the thread (members can "like" rebuttals/arguments and neg/pos rep debater(s) ~ 2/48 will still apply~ )

    +Debaters determine terms and/or rules of debate i.e debate can be ongoing or close on a certain day or time etc.

    +3 Judges will be appointed and agreed upon by the participants (optional). Judges will determine the winner of the debate at it's closing and post results in the Bull Ring Discussion and Call-Out Forum

    +After debate is finished the thread will be closed (applies only to debates that have a time frame attached. Participant(s) will contact staff to close thread )

    +Member/Team Challenges will be made via PM or the appropriate forum (see below)

    +Discussions on past, present and future debates will be made in the appropriate forum (see below)

    +Outside of participating members, the Bull Ring is READ-ONLY. Failure to comply will result in non-participating members being removed from the Bull Ring (Forum will no longer be visible to member)

    *To discuss current/past/future debates or to challenge other members/teams please use the Bull Ring Discussion and Call-Outs Forum. Again, the Bull Ring is READ-ONLY*

    The OP should be formatted accordingly:

    Topic: Topic or Topics being Debated
    Debate Rule(s): *50 posts, *1 hour, *on-going, etc
    Judges: Usernames of the 3 Judges (if applicable)
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