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Hells Bells Sep 16, 2014

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Jan 12, 2017
    1. Uncensored2008
      Your mods are screwing with me, would you kindly tell them to back off? The site is barely functional due to whatever shit Taz and Doc are doing to my account.

      Thank you;
    2. Grumblenuts
      420 characters is nuts!
    3. Grumblenuts
      (See below) See, I didn't know what you meant to imply, and you had no control over what I'd infer from what you actually said. Presuming what someone else either implies or infers is hazardous at best. Neither belongs anywhere near a rule or guideline. Rules are dumb, blunt instruments, enough already.
    4. Grumblenuts
      (See below) You might respond "What are you nuts, trees are green!" To which I might say "Yes, at making 9 yard putts on a golf green, but if you mean the color, what about in the Fall or Winter or at night?"
    5. Grumblenuts
      (See below) That said, I'd avoid using either in this context. Because, for example, say you wrote "Trees are green." I might respond "You think trees are inexperienced?" - inferring that you meant "green"as in wet behind the ears, when you meant to imply the color green.
    6. Grumblenuts
      (See below) Aside from the spelling/grammar errors, my specific question/comment about this is - of course they can. Wrong word! - "imply" not "infer" - One can infer anything from anything all day long and you'll most likely never know, let alone have any means or desire to control it. If you can't recall the difference, use "imply" - it's far less embarrassing when used wrongly and generally the intended word.
    7. Grumblenuts
      Hi. New and just glancing through the rules & guidelines section. "If you have a specific question/comment about these guidelines, Please PM a Moderator of your choice." You appear to be the author so here goes.. From your first comment after the main bulk,

      A member can not infer another member engages in an act of beastiality in any forum"
    8. Wry Catcher
      Wry Catcher
      the following response to my thread was posted by a Mod. What standards or code of ethics, if any, are expected from Mods?

      "Oh, blow me. Your idea of "taking the country back" is replacing this turd sandwich with another turd you just happen to like the taste of. You love incompetence and authority when it's your side doing it."
    9. Eaglewings
      Hi there...I donated 10 dollars a month on the server, but would rather donate 25.00 a year to be a member..
    10. Ropey
      I'm getting serious kickouts and can proxy back in. :(
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