I support humanities techonological advancement, but that doesn't mean we should

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    The Good insane United states of America
    I fully support humanities techonological advancement as it just natural for us to want to improve ourselves. I'd love to see many energy advances(fusion, wind, solar, etc) that could turn out to be thousands of times better then todays sources with space flight landing on planets throughout our galaxy.

    I'd love to see cures for diseases
    I'd love to see longer life spans for everyone
    I'd love to see robots doing our farming and feeding our population!
    I'd love to see wrap drive

    BUT at the same time the family needs to remain the center place!
    Did we hate our families after we found fire?
    Did we hate our families after we sharpen rocks?
    Did we hate our families after we planted seed and created cities?
    Did we hate our families after we made plumbing, toliets and guns?
    Did we hate our families after we had the industrial revolution?

    NO, NO, NO!!!! What ever we do we must remember what's important.
    Family and our children...That shouldn't charge as it never had to charge during those periods of charge.

    Sure, cure disease
    Sure, travel the unvirse
    Sure, build robots to do our work

    Just don't destroy what makes us human.

    Hell, even cyborg us but allow us to have our children and love our women! :cool: Teach our children right and wrong! If we do stop doing so we won't advance as we will just destroy ourselves!
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    Are you having family problems because of technology?

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