Late Arrival

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    The morning was fresh and warm with a sweet wind blowing up the extinct volcano where Sandra worked at the multi-plex of telescopes peering nightly into the sky. She felt an unusual rumbling underneath her feet.

    Almost half a world away U S President Obama was Just climbing the steps and stepping into Air Force One at Heathrow having had talks with the British and Russians on a secret agreement to completely rid the world of nuclear weapons.

    As Obama settled in his communications officer, a bright air force Leutenant that looked young enough to date his oldest daughter, handed him a print out from the computer. It was a picture taken from the Island of Mauii. Apparantly there had been an enormous and unforseen eruption of a Mountain on Oahu. Waikiki and Pearl Harbor were covered in ash and lava. A plume rose 20 miles into the sky as the photo showed.

    Loss of life was horrific and included our secret laser volcanic rock penatration facility atop of the what was thought to be an exticnt volcano. The facility was underneath an array of telescopes making it easy to keep secret. All that had been blown away by the erruption.

    What was more troubling in the photo the president was viewing was a very large metalic object seemingly being given birth by the new crator.
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