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Discussion in 'Israel and Palestine' started by Working Man, Jul 28, 2006.

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    Both NPR and Fox news played features that show how American Israelis are dealing with the conflict today.

    In one story, a woman who was born in the US, and her family, moved to Israel and discribed her life under the tail smoke of Katush rockets. Doesn't sound like too much fun. I can understand her anxiety.

    The other story showed how proud Margo, and her hubby are when a TV network ran a story on their son serving in the Israeli Army. He plans on returning to the US as soon as his tour of duty is up. Great. We have parents here whos sons and daughters are serving around the globe too. They want to return as soon as they can too, and also embrace loved ones here in the US.. Also, some of these young men and women, are defending our coastlines and airspace right here in the US.. I applaud them ALL for their service. Thank you.:usa:

    OK.. Here is where I am going with this stuff... America is my home country. I don't agree with everyone, or everything American. But, it is the home I owe my alligence to. I don't have any other country to call home, nor do I hold mulit citizenship.

    If we want the best for the US,, shouldn't we require people to uphold what is right, and good for US as their primary responsibility?? I am not specificaly picking on Israel, in this case, but the probability that one country has to take second fiddle to the other is pretty great. Willing to risk death for another country, over ones homeland, makes me wonder what is the limit a person would neglect this country,, for the sake of another that tugs at their heart as well.:confused:

    Here is a site that probably would yield a list of other countries that sponsor dual citizenship with the US.

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