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    Your Imagination
    To the boys and girls currently on the public payroll to represent The People of The Great State of (insert your home state here),

    Understanding that there is fundamentally no difference between the CEO of a billion dollar corporation lobbying congress and an average Joe lobbying congress, give Joe a break.... Neither one exactly has the time to do the job right, but both feel the impact of the decisions you make and the deals you negotiate. Both are passionate, both have a stake in the documents you foist on us, but the executive has his lawyers there, feeding you shrimp and representing his interests..... Joe can't afford a lawyer to represent him at the negotiating table... that's why all the Joes and Janes banded together, consented to being governed and hired you. To represent them. And paid you pretty good.

    Can you not see that you are at the helm of an overly complicated, mean, corrupt, money driven and self defining bureaucracy that spends about as much on the game of 'governing' as it does on providing promised services like food safety and a secure marketplace?

    Add in the cost of electing you guys and the resources spent on the game of governing gets really stupid.....

    The system of back-scratching, bribery and lobbying, which amounts to little more than job security for lawyers, accountants, and the accountant wannabes that end up at H & R Block that you all are trying to pass off as 'government' sucks. Please, quit dicking around and fix this fucker. Please make professional, full-time lobbying a crime.

    Is this really how you want your period of governance to be remembered?


    Average Joe
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    Pork is not healthy.

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