Boycotting Arizona (Avoiding Paulson's Revenge)!

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    When it suddenly became clear that some rich corporations were not going to do well, subsquent the Bush II, Term II tax rebates to the rich: Then what had all the lobbying fees, and poltiical contributions: Been about? Surely in America, sound investments deserved their proper return.

    TARP Recipients Paid Out $114 Million for Politicking Last Year - OpenSecrets Blog | OpenSecrets

    It has become more commonplace to notice that nearly half of U. S. income tax filers owe nothing to I.R.S. The various rounds of tax cuts in Bush II, Term I, hadn't worked all that well, especially after 9/11. Iraq would become the answer, with exacerbated procurements from the rich, offering little, if any military, hardware for the troops in the field. Some people knew the value of the dollar, and how to keep it!

    General Betrayus would earn that name--easily among some people! That is the kind of fellow and family, that really is!

    So after tax cuts, would come the rebates of Term II. Those actually worked, even though only the upper half of income tax filers got very much of the $600.00. During all of this time, no one noticed that what the federal government was doing: Actually didn't work very well at all! That included everywhere, and so more troops were then killed off. The rich were making a bundle, and the poor weren't buying it, or anything else: Until they could.

    So Paulson blamed the poor, and rewarded the rich: In the link above, who had diligently worked so hard for America, keeping the election and political process intact. The fault was clearly with the poor! Therefore, in TARP, they would get nothing.

    Point of Matter: The rebates had worked. And the Republicans were so upset, that they even accused the economy of being so-strong as to be able to pay the banks even more deficit money, that they really couldn't notice since they had so much already! Eventually, in fact, the banks even gave it gave it all back, thinking it tainted. They had stopped doing further business, so as not keep any more of it, than they had already.

    China kept its portion, and Arizona noticed(?)!

    It was the poor who really had caused it all in the first place! Even now, the analysts wonder if the refundable tax credits, to the lower incomes, actually would have any impact on the economy: Since sales have already increased(?)! That doesn't happen when that actually happens. Just look at Cash-for-Clunkers, and the home-buying credit!

    Clearly, teaching is not possible at any grade level, without the doctoral degtree, unless it is believed that some kids are better than other kids, and that all the kids are not worth the extra effort. Paulson and the GOP are fairly well on-board with that(?)! That is the law! The Cross-Over GOP, creating the Democratic Party presidential nomination: Are farily well on board with that(?)! That is the law!

    The heavens themselves appear to have sent in at least one Tornado to destroy an entire high school, and especially when it mattered it most! Not all things now under the heavens can be said fairly well on board with any of lthat, at all!

    "Crowm James Crow: Shaken, Not Stirred!"
    (And this in a world which saw the creation of Disneyworld, which was sent to France, and tanked! Many in the South had trouble with Mickey Mouse, from the start!)

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