Consumers Doing Purchasing (Avoiding Paulson's Revenge)

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    Whether or not the States are empowered to set federal Immigration Policy, became irrelevant in April(?)! Consumer Credit actually increased, subsequent the efforts to counter Paulson's Revenge, in TARP!

    Consumer Credit in U.S. Increased $1 Billion in April (Update1) - BusinessWeek

    Money actually does this to consumers, when Paulson arbitrarily decided GOP/Sarah Palin/John McCain/Tea Party-like to send all the deficit money to the rich instead. Some part of the Obama/Biden Stimulus, in contrast, actually made it into the market place. (And that took awhile, itself!)

    And now the banks have noticed!

    The Bush/Cheney/McCain/Palin/GOP/Tea Party hatred of the poor--best shown in Paulson's TARP for the rich: Might even have Martin Luther King, Jr., singing "We Shall Overcome(?)!" It is not well-known if the Great Socialist Credit Market, of America, was kindly regarded by the Actual Theologian who resides in the Federal Birthday Calendar. The Government seems to have known that an MLK, Jr., could never be regarded a religious leader or theologian, of any time, shape, or form whatsoever(?): What with a Doctor of Divinity, and religious writings, and all in the books(?), and especially in America!

    Rev. Jeremiah Wright, or someone equally prophetic and well-regarded in the heavens--as people know them(?): Apparently has been so-regarded! Reverend Wright is widely well-known shunned in the West Wing, and Secretary Paulson showed why! The cross-over GOP also helped a lot. Anyone knows how religious the GOP really are(?)!

    Paulson had his personal views, no doubt from the failed agenda of some large company that anyone can think of. The rich are mainly, of God's Intelligent Design, in some places.

    It is noted that many of TARP recipients in fact kept the bonus money, after that part that got repaid with interest, or something.

    "Crow, James Crow: Shaken, Not Stirred!"
    (Great Land Where White Eyes Lied, Great Land where nations died, Great Entreprenuerial Spirit Tried to claim more. . .deficit-pocket-money!)
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