“You don’t live here anymore. You left. What are you doing here?”

In a speech in Florida Wednesday, he called the Lebanese Hezbollah group, a sworn enemy of Israel, "very smart," and accused Netanyahu of being "not prepared" for the Hamas attack, which also killed 22 Americans.

Let's hear the entire paragraph where he called them smart.
You got what is appropriate. No 'uh uhs' from the likes of you.

So what? Bin Laden was very smart and very evil.

He didn't say he agreed with them or that they were good.
The rage that will course round the world will be huge with an estmated 50% starving in Gaza .
Those supporting genocide will be despised and rightly or not will be turned on .
You are more optimistic than me.
Except there is no such thing as Palestine and Palestinians. It’s a name a bunch of Arab invaders and squatters hijacked circa 1970‘s, in order to remove the Jews from their religious, ancestral and cultural homeland going back thousands of years.
Your hasbara sucks, bro.

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