Wine or Beer

Since some surgery, it’s sort of given me up.

Though l do like cognac and single malts, occasionally.

Also a mint julep. Only one bar where l live does those.

I used to enjoy a good single malt.

Back in my most pretentious "liberal" days, I liked a Kir Royale.

Then I got different friends and different business associates, and no longer had a reason to drink.

I’d like to do one of those distillery tours in Scotland.

My brother, a hard core single malt fan, also wanted to do that. Went to meet his maker before he got that chance, but he did get to drink a lot of beer in Germany!

Some day I'll tell you the story of how he hollered at me from the beyond for adulterating his Cardhu with too much water!

I don't like very many wines, I have tried.
Beer goes better with food anyway, especially when you make pairings.

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