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White Nationalists: The New Queers

William Joyce

Chemotherapy for PC
Jan 23, 2004
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White Nationalists as the New Queers :: American Renaissance News

I was dismayed when Frank Borzellieri was fired as principal of Our Lady of Mount Carmel School over his ties to a “white supremacist” group. Not only did the newspaper account that led to his dismissal wrongly call American Renaissance “white supremacist” but his firing violates a core principle of American law: “bad thoughts” are not yet a crime. No one even suggested that he had harmed the black and Hispanic students in his care. The article concerned only Frank’s past writings, not his current behavior. Just being a white “racist,” which was never defined, was sufficient grounds for dismissal. Even more surprising was how this obscure incident was widely picked up by the press—even in England—though it lacked any sex or violence, the usual elements that bring notoriety.

A day later, however, I experienced a Eureka moment and not only grasped the significance of Frank’s firing but understood it in the context of the recent upsurge in anti-“white nationalism” campaigns. Examples would include AR’s troubles with its conferences, the coolness of mainstream publishers towards “white nationalist” books etc. etc. (I use “white nationalist” for lack a better term. As Jared Taylor points out, much of what today’s “racists” say was broadly accepted until recently, and there was no word for what was then mainstream thinking.)

Here’s the insight: “white nationalism” has replaced homosexuality in America’s Pantheon of Horrific Sins. Just as adults once sought to protect children from homosexuals, who were assumed to be irrepressible child molesters, the great new fear is exposure to white “racists” who might corrupt impressionable youngsters by warning them about the dangers of diversity or, heaven forbid, teach them that race really does exist and that not all racial groups are equally talented. Out with the old, in with the new. The headline of the article that got Frank fired could have been “Pervert Found Teaching Young Children.”

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