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While Hillary Was Desperate to Stay Out Of Jail, Obama Sought to Avoid a 'Reckoning'


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Aug 4, 2015
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Hillary fought desperately to win the election not only because 'it was her turn' but also because she knew if she lost there was a strong chance Donald Trump would carry out his promise of appointing an independent prosecutor to investigate her and she would go to jail.

Barak Obama, however, sought to fight off and prevent a 'RECKONING'. He knew that everything he did himself - everything he had accomplished through refusing to enforce laws, by-passing Congress, and violating both Constitution and Rule of Law to accomplish would be in jeopardy of being washed away in the blink of an eye. His hard-fought-for / crafted 'Legacy' hung in the balance.

Obama’s Policies and Broader Vision Face Reckoning With History

"President Obama warned supporters about the stakes. “All the progress we’ve made over these last eight years,” he said, “goes out the window if we don’t win this election.”

TRANSLATION: 'Everything I have done over these last 8 years goes out the window if Hillary doesn't win this election."
*** It needs to be pointed out that polls showed during those 8 years that the majority of Americans felt the country was heading in the wrong direction...as a result of Barak Obama's vision, goals, and agenda.

"Hillary Clinton, his anointed successor, did not win, and so now Mr. Obama will find out whether his prediction was just campaign hyperbole or if his legacy really has just gone out the window. Not only are specific initiatives like his health care and climate change programs at risk, but so, too, is the broader vision Mr. Obama articulated for America.

...In none of Mr. Obama’s worst-case scenarios when he came to office was this the way he imagined leaving."

Yeah, I'm sure Barry never imagined everything he had accomplished by trampling on the Constitution and Rule of Law would be wiped out just as fast and in the same way he had created much of it, through Executive Orders.

Much like a 'perverted, skewed, bloated stock market, the 'bubble' has burst, and 'it' is 'righting' itself.

Liberals - his aides - sought to console themselves and tell them that the problem as not Obama - the defeat was not about Barry. It was not a referendum on his 'vision', his 'ideology', and his agenda:

"Given that, aides argued that Mr. Trump’s election should not be viewed as a referendum on the president. “It was not a rejection of Obama or Obama-ism,” said Dan Pfeiffer, another former senior adviser. “It was probably more about the two candidates running in this election.”

:lmao: Yeah, whatever helps you sleep better at night!

In 2014 the Liberals running for their seats in Congress ran from Barry like he had the plague. No one wanted to be seen campaigning with him. This, of course, ticked the narcissist off, and he declared that the 2014 election was ALL about him - about his vision, his policies, his agenda...about HIM. As a result the Democrats suffered an HISTORIC, RECORD-SETTING ass-kicking.

2016: Hillary is starting to collapse, and Barry is panicking because this 'corrupt white broad' is jeopardizing his legacy...so he jumps onto the campaign trail to campaign for Hillary...in the only way he knows how. In his 1st campaign stop for Hillary he mentioned himself over 200 times in his few minutes of speaking. He made it, again, ALL ABOUT BARRY! Re-read his dire warning to Liberal voters again posted at the top - 'Everything I have worked for is in peril'! On the campaign trail, once again, he declared this election WAS about him, WAS about his policies, WAS about his agenda, WAS about his 'legacy'.... And once again the Democrats suffered an historic loss.

"Critics said there was no way to look at it as anything but a rebuff. “The election outcome is a clear repudiation of President Obama, his policies, his vision, how those policies will be implemented,” said Eric Cantor, the former House Republican majority leader. “And frankly, I think it reflects the fact that most Americans think he failed.”

In his last real act as leader of the Democratic Party, in which he went 'all-in' for Hillary to help her win, HE FAILED! THAT could very well be his 'legacy', as the rest of it will probably be wiped away the same way he created it - with a PHONE and a PEN:

"Indeed, Mr. Trump’s election imperils many of Mr. Obama policies, notably the
health care law that has extended coverage to 20 million Americans but aggravated others who resented government intrusion and rising premiums. Mr. Trump has promised to scrap Mr. Obama’s international climate change agreement and Trans-Pacific Partnership trade pact, renegotiate his Iran nuclear deal, dismantle Dodd-Frank regulations on Wall Street and reverse orders sparing millions of illegal immigrants from deportation."


Rexx Taylor

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Jan 6, 2015
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Sarasota, Florida
Hillary is losing her ability to walk and talk at this point, no sense on sending her to jail, in a year, she will be using a tennis ball walker while Huma is feeding her with a spoon.


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Aug 10, 2009
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No investigation, no trial, no jail for HRC or BHO.

They will both be recognized by Trump and given awards.

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