When the hell is AMerican Idol starting?


Mar 28, 2006
When is American Idol 2007 starting ? I just can't wait to hear and see Simon Cowell's "New Year" criticisms and rants!:cool:
who cares? The show was lame to begin with.

In what way? American Idol has presented some of the best voices I have ever heard. Ruben , Fantasia , Kelly..They sing so well.

Plus..There is Simon Cowell who makes every audition so sweet:rolleyes: and meomrable.Okay..maybe not sweet..but memorable. He is so damn eloquent. His criticisms might break hearts but they are very well crafted.
who cares? The show was lame to begin with.

not entirely. The auditions are the only part I find entertaining. After the auditions are over and they start weeding through the finalists, I forget about it, because what is the entertainment in watching people who can sing, even just somewhat? I prefer to watch the people who couldn't sing a note if their life depended on it get rejected and act like they were just slapped in the face.

Personally, I like Simon's blunt reality, however I think that some of his opinions on some of the girls losing weight (except the really large girls who should for the sake of their own health) is a bit off base and not something that should be condoned, because of the deal with eating disorders that plague that industry.

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