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What happened when the trans mob came for Robert Webb?


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Sep 30, 2011
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Robert Webb is best known for making people laugh, but he conducted himself with poise and grace when he was ambushed by American podcast host Jesse Thorn. Thorn had invited Webb and long-time collaborator David Mitchell to talk about their latest show, and their experiences performing together as a double act over the years. But the programme ended in yet another episode of the transgender inquisition.

This was personal. Thorn told listeners he has two gender non-conforming children, 'one of who is transgender,' as he called Webb to account for criticising gender charity Mermaids UK in December 2018.

Back then, Webb wrote a message of support for Times columnist Janice Turner, who had spoken out against 'dangerous unscientific ideology' after it emerged Mermaids had been awarded half a million pounds of lottery cash.

This is another group that has been totally destructive in the UK.

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