Trump's VP Pick

He says that he knows it already. I wonder if it'll be Tim Scott. I don't think that Vivek Ramaswamy is getting it anymore though.

Whoever pays the most.

I'm betting Bergrum. He's rich, has rich friends, and has a weak personality that is unlikely to compete for the spotlight with tRump.
He's been calling me a lot, lately, asking lots of questions. It's almost as if he is feeling me out on something, but I haven't the foggiest what that is.

What he is trying to get at when he keeps asking about issuing presidential pardons for those who have me a great opportunity is certainly beyond me.
Picking Mike Pence was a brilliant move. He will pick someone who will help him win in November. Perhaps it will be Nikki. She would mop the floor with Kamala in a VP debate. Nikki's supporters might come along if just for the chance that Trump might die in office. I would love Nikki as VP, and by announcing her support for Trump she has placed herself at the head of the line for VP, imo. Picking her would help heal the breach between him and her supporters as well.
It will be somebody, probably a lawyer, that does not mind working for a convicted unrepentant criminal.
real Americans don't like tyrannical Stalinist lawfare.. that's why the election isn't a sure win for Briben .. tell us Mr independent ...who's the big guy ?
There is only one good pick



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