Tommy Tuberville admits he went to NYC to help trump break his gag order.

If this is real (and I hope it isn't) Merchon should be thrown off the bench for having the writing skills of a retarded first grader. 21 errors in a single section.:cuckoo::cuckoo::cuckoo:

Also, nobody has violated anything in this, if I have been able to decipher the dumbassery correctly.

Holy shit you just jumped on a rake with both feet, Simp.:auiqs.jpg::auiqs.jpg::auiqs.jpg::auiqs.jpg:

ORDERED, that the Court's Order of N{arch 26, 2024, is amended as indicated below. Defendant is directed to refiain tiom: a. b. c. Nlakrng or diiccting others to make public statements about knorvn or teasonably foreseeable witnesses concerning thet potential parucipation rn the rnvestigation or in this criminal proceedrng; Making or dirsgdng c-rthers to make public statements about (1) counsel in the case other than the District Attorney, (2) members of the court's staff and the District Attorney's staff, or (3) the fanrily members of any counsel, staff member, the Court or the District Attorney, if those statements are made with the intcnt to rnateriall), interfere with, or to cause others to materiallv interfere wtth, counsel's or staffs work in this crimrnal case, or with the knowledge that such interference is likcly to result; and l\faking or dtrecung others to make public s)tatements about any prospective juror or any juror in this crimrnal proceeding.
Lying only makes you look stupid and desperate. Everyone can open it and see it for themselves, dope.
You don't know what is going on in this trial Robert. She extorted no funds. NDAs are NOT a crime, remember....that's what Trumpers keep saying.

Yes Cohen committed a crime. And the Trump Org committed 34 crimes falsifying their business records to reimburse that crime.

The trial presented evidence that "the accountant, Alan Weisselberg" ....did nothing without speaking with Trump first.... No one in the whole company made a decision of importance without trump....and any expenditure over $10,000 had to have Trump's okay, even if it was his son signing the check.

The checks to Cohen were $35,000 a month, for 12 months, for his reimbursement on the Stormy NDA

THAT comes to Cohen being paid $420,000 for the $130,000 hush money payment. They falsified business records on why they were paying Cohen, and for what services....

The trial showed Alan Weisselberg hand written notes on how and why they would shell out $420,000 for the $130,000.

Do you believe Alan Weisselberg, would make the decision himself to spend $420,000 of Trump's money to Cohen, instead of the $130,000 he owed Cohen for the hush money payment, without Trump being part of this decision? Really?
Your explanations are top notch. But, you're wasting your time. Here, I'll say it for them:

OK, but what is the crime?
The jury has no part in bringing charges. Their duty is simply to decide if the laws put before them, were broken, beyond a reasonable doubt. These laws will be spelled out to the jury, before deliberation, and only those laws can be considered in deliberation...

The jury will know their task. And they will find the defendant not guilty, if the prosecution does not prove the crimes beyond a reasonable doubt or if they believe the indictments were nothing but hanky panky, the jury will nullify it with a not guilty verdict.

Have a little faith in the system.
Your generic explanation is not only insulting but ignores the fact that no crime has been committed in This trial.

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