AOC Slips Up, Admits Trump’s NYC Trial Is To Keep Him From Leaving The City To Campaign

Shut the fuck up.
34 counts of falsifying business records for election interference.
He didn't even win 2016 legitimately.

Shut the fuck up.

No, I don’t believe I will…

[Quite]34 counts of falsifying business records for election interference.[/Quote]

The indictment doesn’t say that. That’s been my whole question all along…why doesn’t the indictment say that? What is Bragg up to? All you have is an indictment that says 34 counts of falsifying business records in the first degree, which requires that the intent to defraud be done to cover another crime. Bragg never listed that crime. But he gave “some other documents” to give some clue as to why.

Like I said to FFI, I really don’t need your justification, because lawyers and news agencies already agree with me. I was just trying to see if anyone could tell me why they think Bragg didn’t list the crimes….and nobody has been up to the task yet.

He didn't even win 2016 legitimately.

Wait..are you suggesting election fraud? lol, there that denialism..see…it’s not just the right that does it.
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I’ll accept the jury’s verdict for what it is. There will always be questions surrounding the legitimacy of this case, but the jury will do what it will and the verdict will be what it is.

The question is..will YOU accept the verdict, no matter what? How about in the Florida case with judge cannon. Are you going to accept that verdict if he’s found not guilty ?
I think he thinks that he knows what the verdict will be, and this is because like all democrats they know the trial is political and set up to try and capture Trump before he can once again win the presidency, and before he makes the leftist cry in the street's again in order for everyone to witness their mental conditions once more.

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