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Jul 5, 2011
United States
This is not "Rubber Room" material. This is 100% serious and sincere. America spends all of its time battling to exhaustion because each side is hell bent on forcing the other side to accept their views - especially when it comes to tax policy. But the truth is, American was built on freedom and choice.

So the simple solution is to just restore choice. Progressives such as JoeB131, TyroneSlothrop, and Lakhota - who demand high taxes for social programs - should have a 75% income tax across the board. Flat rate whether you make $10 million per year or $10,000 per year. They get the programs and tax rates they desire.

Conservatives such as bripat9643, Dale Smith, LadyGunSlinger, and myself pay a 10% income tax flat rate. Independents split the difference with a 40% income tax flat rate (30% higher than conservative, 35% lower than progressives).

It's predicated on voter registration and primaries are locked down. In addition, anyone not registered cannot vote in the primary. Finally, the IRS cross references your votes against your tax rates to ensure one is not claiming to be one thing while voting for something else.

Everybody is a winner. Everyone gets exactly what they want. It's a true (and very rare) win-win.

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