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  • What's the avg cost for a C-172 annual?
    I don't know, I haven't done one. I am not an IA so I don't know. It also depends on what is found during the inspection.
    We are involved in the investigation of the N42CV airplane crash of December 28, 2019 and it appears that interested persons are claiming that the pilot was at fault in causing the crash. If there is any information that could help his family, it would be appreciated and we can make arrangements to discuss in private and in confidence.
    I don't know why the plane crashed but I do know of illegal maintenance having been done to that airplane in the past by the PIC at the time of the crash.
    There are no black communities outside major cities in most states dumbass

    That's what it means lol

    Holy shit mind blowing
    "Wow! All of these fighter jet experts on this forum and if you add their total number of hours in any fighter jet you got 0.0hrs."

    F-4 Instructor pilot. A-10 pilot/FAC. A-37 Pilot/FAC. T-38 instructor pilot. 3600+ USAF hours. 11,000 hours total time. Civilian: Lear, Lear 60, Challenger 300.
    Thank's (the post where I gave you a winner) and honestly I'm not sure if I've seen you around before, seems like a shame. mmm anyway, that was a near perfect post and I'll be seeing you around... My daughter has a passion to fly...
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