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The Numbers Don’t Lie, Republicans Cash Economies, Democrats Create Massive Job Growth


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Mar 18, 2017
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Over the past century, Democrats are 300% better at creating jobs than Republicans!

That’s a shocking figure for most people, most of whom still think that Republicans are better for the economy, but, in the 100 years since 1920, Democratic Administrations have created 85 million jobs and Republican Presidencies only 29 million jobs.

This is a staggering difference: On average, over 1.2 million more jobs have been created every year when Democrats controlled the presidency. This should put to rest forever the argument about whether Democrats or Republicans are better for the economy!

How big is the difference in job creation between Democratic Presidents and Republican Presidents?

All we have to do is to go to historic US Bureau of Labor Statistics that date back to 1940 to find out. (We’ll also use historical US government records to take it back to 1920 so we have a century of data to interpret.

Compared to the Republicans, since 1920 Democrat Administrations created:

1. 56,055,000 more jobs
—(85,119,000 DEM jobs versus 29,064,000 GOP jobs).

2. 300% more AMERICAN jobs created under Democratic presidents.

3. That’s also over 1.2 million more U.S. jobs per year:
(Democrats averaged 1,771,792 jobs per year vs. 541,171 yearly GOP jobs.)

4. AND over 100,000 more new jobs per month under Democrats:
(Monthly, that’s 147,776 Democratic jobs versus 46,802 GOP jobs.)

Democratic Presidencies create more jobs because:

5. The GOP’s borrow and bribe policies crash stocks…. (1929, 1987, 2008, 2020).

6. Then GOP stock market crashes tank the economy and jobs: (1929, 2008, 2020.)

7. On the other hand, Democrats use tax revenues to stimulate job and income growth. That then creates long-term, financial success–like the nation’s longest period of uninterrupted job growth that we enjoyed from Obama/Biden’s first fiscal year in 2010 until Trump’s mismanagement (and Covid-19) crashed the US economy this year.

Here is a chart that analyzes US Job Creation by calendar year. The numbers still show this very strong difference between Democratic and Republican yearly job creation.

Fiscal years (also called Budget Years) are calculated differently than standard calendar years. The Fiscal Year begins on October 1 of each year, and is (rightly) assigned to the President who presents the budget for that year: So, in this way of looking at a president’s economic results, George Bush was not held responsible for Fiscal Year 2001 (which was a pretty bad year because of the Dot Com fiasco).

This is because the 2001 budget was presented by Bill Clinton in 2000 and enacted by the 2000 Congress. Similarly, Obama is not responsible for Fiscal Year 2009 because George Bush marshaled that budget through Congress in 2008.

This is not new news, but, for Democrats, it is hugely under-discussed information.

That’s why, incomprehensibly, one August poll showed Trump up 10% on perceived ability to handle the economy. This should not BE! To be fair, fiscal moderates Eisenhower, Nixon and Ford (who did not practice voodoo economics), did not crash the economy, but their job results were so-so. Reagan produced a lot of jobs but also crashed the stock market in 1987 and the country suffered ongoing doldrums until Bill Clinton revitalized the economy, grew 22 million jobs and became the last president to balance the budget.

But Democrats have to quit playing defense and start strongly showing, again and again, how much better Democrats have been for job gains, debt control and prosperity for the Middle Class and Poor over the last 100 years…because THIS IS THE MOST PERSISTENT AND CONSISTENTLY POLITICALLY DAMAGING REPUBLICAN LIE.

Republicans are not great for the economy: Democrats are great for the economy. At best, Republican economic results are mediocre and, if, like Hoover, Bush 2 and Trump, they practice voodoo Reaganomics, Republicans create boom and bankrupt economies…and yet Republicans continue to win elections on their perceived economic superiority.

Here are some more good resources that show how naked the Emperor and the rest of his Republican enablers truly are:

Donald Trump (2004 on CNN) : “The economy does better under the Democrats.”

Bill Clinton’s 2012 DNC Speech GREAT!: “Well since 1961, the Republicans have held the White House 28 years, the Democrats 24. In those 52 years, our economy produced 66 million private sector jobs. What’s the jobs score? Republicans 24 million, Democrats 42 million!”

Wikipedia: Presidential Jobs

BuzzFlash.com: If You Need to Vote Your Pocketbook, Vote Obama

The Balance: Which President Created More Jobs?



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Aug 6, 2012
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Define "create jobs".

Why is it that D.C has never voted for a GOP and they vote something like 92-94% in favor of Dems? It's because they "create jobs". Meaning, massive, big government. Which means you become more like Canada and Europe, you lose capitalism, liberty and accountable government.

Who creates jobs? The private sector. Public sector jobs are not created jobs, they are taxpayer subsidized troughs.

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