The Last Contested Convention


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May 1, 2012
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The Last Contested Convention
When was it and what happened?
Brian Lilley

Republicans could be looking at a contested convention for the first time in 40 years. What happened the last time there was no clear winner heading into the convention? Well, mayhem didn't break out, but CNN's Brian Rokus reports it was a nail biter:

It was 1976 and a former California governor named Ronald Reagan wasn't just taking on the Republican establishment, he was taking on a sitting Republican president: Gerald Ford. And he was close to succeeding.

As the convention began in Kansas City, the presence of uncommitted -- and unpredictable -- delegates meant that nobody could tell which candidate was actually in the lead. The New York Times projected Ford with a lead of 39 delegates, while Reagan's campaign claimed he was ahead by 10. Both leads were minuscule given the 2,259 total delegates attending the convention.

Ford turned to James Baker, the man that would go on to be Secretary of State but in 1976 had one job -- get Ford the delegates he needed:


The Last Contested Convention

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