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ronald reagan

  1. Litwin

    Biden says "Russian" evil empire is biggest threat to USA

    " Biden says Russian evil empire is biggest threat to USA. ... Washington, Oct 25 (efe-epa).- United States elections canditate Joe Biden says Russia is the country that most “threatens the security” of the country, "...
  2. Invisibleflash

    How politics was 40 years ago...I'm glad someone documented it! Short video of Speaker Tip O'Neil congratulating President Reagan after a big loss. Wow, can you imagine that nowadays? Each side wants the other side to just drop dead. And I mean really die. Maybe...
  3. Litwin

    OPEC Production Falls To Three Decade Low

    bad , bad news for Pugane´s gas - station , when we see the new 1991? " OPEC’s oil production in June came in at the lowest level since May 1991 during the Gulf War, and collectively meeting its promised cut. "...
  4. The Original Tree

    Imminent Threat Defined: The Left Is Insane

    I giving this post a subtitle of : Imminent Thread I recently had a run in with a very slippery and cowardly poster on this very forum who refused to define for me what an Imminent Threat was when he specifically had the words "Imminent Threat" in the title of his thread. He reported me...
  5. deanrd

    Remember the Republicans promise before the midterms? Tax cuts for the middle class?

    Remember the Republicans promise before the midterms? Tax cuts for the middle class? Republicans still control the entire government until January. So where are the tax cuts for the middle class? And why are they calling them tax cuts for the middle class? Wasn’t that with the other tax...
  6. P@triot

    The speech that never was

    While Ronald Reagan never delivered this speech, the contents are nonetheless spot on as they always were with Ronald Reagan’s speeches. While I don’t believe that it functions as a “smokescreen” as Magnuson did, I know that it he was absolutely correct in his understanding of the threat of the...
  7. P@triot

    Little Creep

    I've said this dozens of time right here on USMB over the years. A reality that the left just can't bring themselves to accept. Ronald Reagan took the second worst economy in U.S. history (second only to the Great Depression) from Jimmy Carter and created an economic tidal wave that the U.S...
  8. P@triot


    What a difference here between the weakest leader the U.S. has ever seen (Barack Obama) and one of the two strongest leaders the U.S. has ever seen (Ronald Reagan)...
  9. American_Jihad

    The Last Contested Convention

    One day there will be a thierd party that will cush the other two parties... The Last Contested Convention When was it and what happened? 4.8.2016 News Brian Lilley Republicans could be looking at a contested convention for the first time in 40 years. What happened the last time there was...
  10. Maggdy

    Ronald Reagan govern for Hungary now?

    2011, Ronald Reagan statue unveiled in Hungary: "It's better to have two Ronald Reagan statues than none at all," said Marton Baranyi, co-creator of a Hungarian website dedicated to Reagan. "Reagan is a role model for Hungarians."(video is in English) Source...
  11. Dianna Jane

    Is Marco Rubio most Like Ronald Reagan?

    Next year could be the greatest America has ever seen. I believe the man who supports the same conservative values as President Ronald Reagan, is Senator Marco Rubio. In addition, Rubio is the only Conservative candidate who can beat Hillary Clinton. If either Donald Trump or Ted Cruz win the...

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