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The Gods of Popcorn: NFL Meteorology?


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Sep 22, 2013
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Here's a media-culture friendly mock-dialogue between Lord Shiva (Hindu god of destruction) and Rodney Peete (retired Detroit Lions NFL QB who played alongside the great Lions RB Barry Sanders) about finding inspiration in competitive sports in the age of television.

It's a symbolic dialogue (IMO) for our consumerism-centric 'TrumpUSA.'

Signing off,



Lord Shiva (Hindu god of destruction) was upset the skilled QB-RB Lions (NFL) duo (Rodney Peete and Barry Sanders) had not produced any Super Bowl rings. He wanted to talk to Peete about the 'state of affairs' in competitive sports. Shiva visited Peete in a dream and talked to him about motivation in the media-era regarding competitive sports in America (particularly the NFL). Mostly, Shiva wanted to know what kind of 'inspiration' Peete needed to see him win a Super Bowl with Barry Sanders. It was an 'evangelical' conversation!


SHIVA: Are you happy serving as QB of the Lions alongside superstar RB Barry Sanders, Rodney?
PEETE: I'm psyched you're visiting me Lord Shiva (while I'm dream-sleeping); no, I'm satisfied with Sanders!
SHIVA: Then what's the problem, buddy? The Lions should have a Super Bowl ring by now...
PEETE: Someday the Lions will win the Super Bowl, and someday Donald Trump will be U.S. President!
SHIVA: Are you a 'critic' of Atlantic City, Rodney? It isn't far-fetched to propose Trump could be President...
PEETE: If the democratic system works, and we elect another 'celebrity-president' (like Reagan), then cool!
SHIVA: Are you being 'lyrical' about 'consumerism-culture'?
PEETE: You have to admit, the 'plethora' of Burger King ads tends to 'distract' professional athletes.
SHIVA: That's just peer-pressure, Rodney. What audiences want to see is a Peete-Sanders show on Sunday.
PEETE: There are so many free-agency related 'issues' in the NFL (arguably since the 1980s); it's hard.
SHIVA: I understand; you're not even sure if you'll be playing with Sanders next year, right?
PEETE: That's correct, Lord Shiva. I mean, don't you get frustrated about MTV and 2,000 burger ads?
SHIVA: It's a 'burgeoning cholesterol-culture,' and if the right athletes don't step up, we'll see a 'ghoulish reign.'
PEETE: I agree, if there's a weird Goliath-like QB who wins 8 Super Bowls without much idealism, it'd be bad.
SHIVA: Yeah, you can forget about kids thinking about watching The Brady Bunch on TV after watching NFL.
PEETE: Athletes are like gladiators, and they're in a position to serve as 'media-culture role models.'
SHIVA: Hey, no one's asking you to be the 'angelic fall-guy,' Rodney; we just want you and Sanders to win!
PEETE: Barry is on the way to the Hall of Fame (no doubt); right now, I'm just happy to be playing with him...
SHIVA: Well, not everyone can 'graduate' to professional football and contend at all; you have worries.
PEETE: Right, like family medical insurance, retiring comfortably, and having backyard BBQs with Barry!
SHIVA: That's a fine ambition, and I understand your wariness given this emerging 'cholesterol-culture.'
PEETE: It's enough to make an African-American athlete simply want to seek 'safe haven,' you know?
SHIVA: I think I understand (but I'm not African-American), so I suppose I should simply wish you the best!
PEETE: Well, if you have a 'good-luck charm' or some advice to give, maybe Barry and I could use it...
SHIVA: Here's a 'token' --- if the Green Bay Packers return to glory, I'll cheer for the Lions on Thanksgiving.
PEETE: Thanks, that's great. Maybe the Packers will produce a 'media-friendly' celeb-QB (like Bart Starr).



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