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'Operation Shield': Wall Street Dramedies


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Sep 22, 2013
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This is a mock-dialogue between God and Satan about 'capitalism couture' (if there is such a thing) meant to provoke President Trump into answering the complicated question, "Does a commercially-gauged geopolitical landscape (e.g., European Union, NATO, Wall Street, etc.) create 'etiquette stalemates'?"

I wouldn't be surprised of Hollywood produces several more Wall Street dramedy-oriented films. We've already seen two from Oliver Stone and one from Martin Scorsese!

What do you think?


GOD: The key to civilization governance is of course strategic thinking.
SATAN: The problem is that too much 'cunning' and 'deception' sometimes feels necessary!
GOD: I think you're confusing espionage with revolution.
SATAN: How would you mobilize an overpopulated nation (e.g., India) to feel 'idealistic' about poverty?
GOD: Humanity has endured the problems of disagreement (e.g., WWII), so it can endure 'challenges.'
SATAN: War is sometimes necessary (I agree), but citizenry should feel that leaders are inspired by civics.
GOD: Infrastructure-maintenance (e.g., rebuilding the Twin Towers in NYC) is profitable because of victories.
SATAN: Are you suggesting that the Statue of Liberty is as much a symbol of pride as it is of hope?
GOD: The word 'pride' is inappropriate, but certainly there are 'traffic-monuments' symbolizing achievements.
SATAN: Nuclear warfare during WWII and the development of chemical weapons since the Gulf War are OK?
GOD: No! The use of devastating weaponry suggests humanity is surpassing its 'negotiation capacities.'
SATAN: Why then are you talking about the 'development' of civilization artifacts (e.g., Statue of Liberty)?
GOD: Because we have to differentiate between 'wartime mobilization' and 'peacetime monuments.'
SATAN: Alright, if war and peace are 'separate' (even in competitive systems such as capitalism), what is evil?
GOD: The poet Dante suggested hell offers no hope, so perhaps evil means a failure in strategy...
SATAN: What is the 'proverbial shield' against evil (in a capitalism society)?
GOD: The best shield to guard against the 'vices' of capitalism (e.g., greed, gluttony, pride) is sportsmanship!
SATAN: Do you realize how many American professional athletes (some celebrities) take illegal steroids?
GOD: Social peer pressure to conform to 'celebrity-crazed' media norms produces 'dystopian ugliness.'
SATAN: Are you comforted because many people enjoy Monopoly (Parker Brothers) games on iPhones?
GOD: 'Social activity' indicates a civilization vitality regarding commercial traffic dialogue (e.g., Wall Street).
SATAN: In that case, I propose we call Wall Street (and its 'defenses') "Operation Shield".
GOD: I can concede such a minor 'bureaucratic humility' (at least for the sake of 'TrumpUSA')!



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