television writers and anti gun agenda writing...this is what we battle...


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Jul 19, 2014
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Television shows and movies are one of the anti gun extremists tools for influencing the average citizen who doesn't really know much about guns and self defense......they sit there hoping to be entertained and while they sit there they get the anti gun messages....I have seen this on all kinds of shows, recently several times on The Blacklist, And in this article they deal with the Show... Elementary...the Sherlock Holmes show.....

so again...anti gunners never stop pushing their agenda, they also push their agenda everywhere they can without regard for good taste, politeness, or just letting people enjoy a movie or television show without getting a propaganda message.....

Gun Rights Are Elementary...Or Not. - The Truth About Guns

Count me as a viewer of your wonderful show! I love Elementary. I love Sherlock Holmes. I have been watching this show since it began airing; it is currently my only “must watch” show every week. In the past, there have been negative comments about firearms in your show, both through misinformation and more directly from the characters at times, but I have always accepted it as a simple cultural difference between myself and both the NY based characters and/or the (presumably) more politically liberal show leadership. Your episode this week however (Feb 19, 2015) truly frustrated me for the first time. I felt there was a direct and overt attempt to create a political, anti-firearm message . . .

First of all, the handgun used was traced back to it’s point of sale by utilizing the bullet/case left at the crime scene. That is really not how ballistic science works in its current form, and more advanced forms of ballistic fingerprinting are simply not feasible and would be easily defeated by an intended evil-doer.

The one that really stuck for me was the obvious shot at gun shows in general (the non-background checked, perfectly legal because it’s a gun show, “Merica!” comment). A quick quote: “A 1997 Justice Department survey of more than 18,000 state and federal convicts revealed… 0.7% of criminals purchased a gun at a gun show.” (A URL for your reference: Where criminals get their guns The Daily Caller)

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