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TDS is Real.


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Sep 21, 2012
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Sin City
And it would be fun to watch if it weren't for the looting and physically violating anyone who appears to disagree with them.

What it TDS? Simple. Trump Derangement Syndrome.


There’s nothing like watching Trump Derangement Syndrome in its full glory, with Snowflakes in universities demanding their safe spaces, blankies, and binkies (read: exemptions from actually studying, which is ostensibly why mommy and daddy sent them to college), high school students taking the opportunity to cut class to protest the election of a president they didn’t like (because civics didn’t teach Generation Cupcake that sometimes they would not get what they demanded), and idiot protesters demonstrating in front of Trump’s newest hotel in Washington, their lack of class and decency on full display.

This blogger then goes on to rip Dr. Ben Carson apart – from reasoning I don't quite understand @ Why the Bleeding Fuck Did He Run?

a bit more on the subject = TRUMP DERANGEMENT SYNDROME: Democrats believe in democracy only until they lose an election

They don’t really want to abolish the Electoral College, to put Garland on the Supreme Court or to burn New Balance sneakers. What they really want is to get rid of democracy and replace it with a dictatorship. Trump Derangement Syndrome is the tantrum of tyrants.

It’s a real threat to democracy. But that’s what the left has always been.

The hysteria of Trump Derangement Syndrome is the flip side of Obama worship. Both reject democracy and embrace power. They are the illiberal attitudes of a totalitarian movement at odds with America.

Read more @ Doug Ross @ Journal: TRUMP DERANGEMENT SYNDROME: Democrats believe in democracy only until they lose an election

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