Syrian Civil War


Dec 7, 2013
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The ongoing civil war in Syria which was started on March,2011 can be candidate for one of the most brutal wars in world history. Started as peaceful demonstrations but in following days became a horrible war between Syrian Army and the uprising groups. The opposition was composed of civilians and also escaped officers from the army who did not want to involve in these violence against civilians.

Additionally, Hezbollah also sent troops to fight together with Syrian Army against oppositon. Apart from the Hezbollah, Syrian Ba'ath Government and Army also got support from Iran, Russia and China. As known the last two are the members of the UN security council and have vote to effect the decisions. On the other hand, the opposition is supported by Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Turkey.

The picture in Syria now seems like a rivalry between Alawite Shabiha militias, Syrian Army and Sunni opposition groups.

As a result of this rivalry unfortunately many innocent people lose their lives and it seems if UN or NATO does not intervene many more will die until the end of this war. Russia and China continue to prevent an international intervention whereas Turkey aims to stop this civil war immediately with an international force.

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