So At the Trump Rally...

Biden put the blacks back in chains, and imported new welfare recipients from all over the world.

They get free hotels, food, clothing, cash, and cell phones.

Blacks are back in the chains of the Dems.

Why are you fools voting Dem? Stockholm Syndrome?
No I haven't. Biden wasn't one of the biggest racists ever, the n word was not every word coming out of hisn mouth when young. He never would have been able to start friendship woth James Clyburn 30 or 40 years ago had he been one. Biden has the lowest black unemployment rate in history amd he has done far more than that for blacks than trump.
Waiting on your answer for post twelve
How do they know life would be better under Trump?


Are you saying Black folks don't pay the same high prices for gas, groceries, energy, rent, and insurance as everyone else?

Of course life was and will be again better under Trump.
Are you saying Black folks don't pay the same high prices for gas, groceries, energy, rent, and insurance as everyone else?

Of course life was and will be again better under Trump.
And Trump will do nothing to address any of that
It's about time Trump and his supporters got honest about what they stand for. We who are not white have known this for over 40 years. Trump is a racist. Just admit it.

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"White Boy Summer" Flag Unfurled on Stage at Trump's Detroit Rally

You must be a MAGAHEAD if you are watching Trump rallies. Guess you came out of the closet, didn't you?
That was Charlie Kirk. Even though he's a conservative and a Trump-supporter, some conservatives have a problem with him. Of course, idiots like IM2 are making it out like he's somehow associated with Trump.

Charlie Kirk blasted by young conservative: "Toxic leadership"

The expression "White Boy Summer" came from a rap song by Chet Hanx...

Well Trump did speak at this Kirks White Nationalist Convention and thank him for all he does for MAGA. And Kirk hosted Trump's Detroit Rally this weekend.

After hosting that lovely dinner party at Mar-a-lago for white nationalists.

And Trump will do nothing to address any of that

Oh he did. Life was much better under Trump: No wars, a secure border, low inflation rate, cheap gas, energy, and food...

And this idiot came along..

Joe Biden:

• Promised on several occasions that he would "end fossil fuels"

• Later stated “We’re going to need oil for at least another decade”

• Gasoline that rose over two times the price it was in 2018

• Ended Keystone XL pipeline while waiving sanctions on Russia's Nord Stream 2

• Suspected US involvement in the bombing of the Nord Stream 2 pipeline

• The price of oil jumped up to $130 per barrel

• Drained US Strategic Oil Reserve to the lowest level since 1984

• Begged Saudi Arabia and Venezuela for oil

• Inflation rate rose as high as 9.1%, which was almost 5 times higher than it was in 2019

• Dumped billions of dollars down the black hole of "Global Warming"

• U.S. household wealth down $13.5 trillion in 2022 - Second fastest decline on record

• Average middle-class family came up about $6,000 short of purchasing power

• The DOW dropped 6,700 points in only a year

• Stock market lost $9 trillion dollars worth of value in only two years

• Retirement accounts lost $3 trillion dollars

• 30 year fixed mortgages rose by 4.43% in only two years, to 7.75%

• Home prices soared 43% in only two years and housing sales slumped

• Median asking rent prices rose 79.7% in only two years

• Bankrupted landlords by excusing rent payments

• US homelessness jumped 12% in 2023 to record high of 653,000 individuals

• Commercial Chapter 11 filings increased 68% in first half of 2023

• Grocery prices increased by 13.5% in only two years

• The price of electricity rose by 15.8% in only two years

• Americans paid $2,250 more in increased energy costs since Biden was elected

• Hefty tax increases on the lower and middle class

• Raised the tax burden on Americans making as little as $20,000/year.

• 84,000 new IRS agents arming and training to be home invaders

• Use of DOJ and FBI to harass political opponents

• A broken election system corrupt with fraud, sometimes taking months to count

• Wholesale mailing of ballots, ballot drop boxes, and illegal ballot harvesting

• Used a complicit media to lie, distort facts, and disseminate disinformation

• Conducting covert raids on American citizens and confiscating personal property

• Supply line disruptions, backorders, items out of stock or unavailable

• Massive backlog of cargo ships at US ports in 2022

• Sporadic shortages on grocery store shelves

• Air transportation disrupted, thousands of flight cancellations in 2022

• FAA system outages that disrupted thousands of flights in 2023

• Food-processing plants mysteriously burning down

• Record prices for eggs and poultry

• Record number of ecological disasters, train derailments, chemical spills, and fires

• Thousands of small businesses destroyed in order to benefit mega-corporations

• Continuing monumental trade deficit with China

• Allowed Communist China to operate "Police Stations" in American cities

• Allowed Chinese spy balloon to cross entire country, spying on military sites

• Used a $400,000 missile to shoot down a $12 hobbyist balloon over Alaska

• More COVID deaths than in 2020

• Vaccine mandates which caused deaths and debilitating health conditions

• Vaccine mandates which caused massive job losses for those who refused compliance

• Continued government funding for Planned Parenthood

• Eliminated Medicaid work requirements

• Increased food stamp giveaways by more than $1 billion a month, without Congress

• A whole generation of kids physically and psychologically damaged by prison-style lockdowns

• Subjecting young girls to creepy boys posing as "transgenders" in girl's locker rooms

• Stealing women's ability to fairly compete by allowing transgender males in women's sports

• Subjecting children to pornographic "Drag shows" and grooming them to be sex objects

• The promotion of transgenderism in schools, resulting in the genital and fertility mutilation
of children and adolescents by unethical medical practices and Big Pharma.

• Mass shootings occurring sometimes three times a week

• An exponentially-spiraling epidemic of violent crime and drugs

• Shutting down private prisons and turning inmates loose

• Fentanyl seizures up 745 percent

• 100,000 fentanyl deaths during Biden's first year of presidency

• 120% increase in opioid deaths in just two years

• Encouraged illegals to "surge" across the border without reason for amnesty

• A neutered Immigration and Customs Enforcement, virtually stopping arrests and deportations

• 4.9 million illegals crossing US border within only two years

• Added non-citizens to the census

• Immigration policies that dispersed COVID, crime, and potential terrorism throughout the US

• 900,000 "gotaways" who eluded apprehension and disappeared into American communities

• Record numbers of illegals dying while crossing the border

• Border Patrol arresting 98 who were on the terror watch list in 2022, 3X the last 5 years combined

• A President who wouldn't visit the border and said he had "More important things going on."

• A dishonorable withdrawal from Afghanistan that cost 13 American soldiers their lives

• Authorized drone strike killing 10 civilians, including 7 children, instead of ISIS-K operative

• $7.12 billion worth of US military equipment and weaponry left to the Taliban

• Hundreds of US citizens and Afghans left behind in Afghanistan after the withdrawal

• People falling out of the wheel wells of aircraft leaving Afghanistan

• A weakened US military more concerned with "political correctness" than creating soldiers

• A weakened US military via destructive anti-white racism and transgender-promoting policies

• Record low enlistment numbers

• A revitalized Russian oil industry, despite US sanctions

• A war in Ukraine that has cost the US billions of dollars and killed thousands

• Increased possibility of nuclear war with Russia

• Traded an America-hating lesbian doper basketball player for a terrorist Russian arms dealer,
while leaving an American Marine in a Russian prison

• North Korea continuing to expand their nuclear enrichment and missile programs

• A stronger Iran increasing their funding for Hamas and Hezbollah

• China became more energy and militarily dominant

• A senile, angry, and incompetent president who fell off of a bicycle, fell up stairs, insulted
half the people in America, labeled people as "terrorists", divided the country, and tried to incite
a civil war.
White boy summer is a white supremacist thing. White supremacists run around trying to claim everyoone else is spreading hate because they oppose the white supremacists.

The song was hijacked by white supremacists.

Some "extremist" users also used "White Boy Summer" as their reaction to oppose political events, such as the Black Lives Matter protests. They used the term to refer to a utopia or war against their enemies. Among them was the white nationalist commentator Nick Fuentes, who used it as a slogan to disrupt an event hosted by the Conservative Political Action Conference with his followers.

Charlie Kirk, white racist, was not playing the song when he unfurled that flag, nor was his buddies singing it when they threw hats out to the audience. And at last check, Tom Hanks has no son named Charlie Kirk.

ROFLMFAO, the BLM protest were in 2020, the song wasn't published till 2021. So exactly how did "Some extremist" appropriate it? Oh, and define "Some", is it 5, 10, 50, 100 or more. Vague and generalized terms are a great tool for the propagandist. How about you get a bit more specific.

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