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Should parents pay for students' detention?


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Jun 8, 2009
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People's Republic of NJ
NUTLEY, N.J. (CBS) ? Two Nutley High School board members are sponsoring a plan that would target students who are habitually sent to detention, making them pay up if they continue in their mischievous ways.

It's the first of its kind in a New Jersey school district – a plan that would cost parents money for their children's punishment.

It's a proposal that has some parents in the Nutley School District up-in-arms, a plan that would make them pay the price for their kids' detention.

"I feel teachers should be responsible for detention. They should be staying after school if necessary. [B]It's all part of it, disciplining our children,[/B]" parent Mary McClean said.

"Taxes are high enough in Nutley. We shouldn't be paying for that," parent Debbie Dronke said.

Some taxpayers with no children disagree.

"I don't feel that I should be responsible for paying higher taxes. I think parents should start being accountable for their children," homeowner Lisa Maderichio said.

NJ District Proposes Charging For Kids' Detention - wcbstv.com

Good idea?

Our district holds detention two times a week times four teachers and busses to get the kids home. Same knuckleheads in there every single week. A fine for chronic offenders might be a good deterrent in my opinion.
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