Students used AI to create nude photos of their classmates. For some, arrests came next.

Anyone walking around demanding respect from everyone they come into contact with deserves none. Anyone who goes into teaching to get rich is missing the point.
Applying that to Sue is frankly WRONG!! She's in there up to her elbows. I respect her greatly for her dedication quite frankly. Observing the loss of respect from the usual wankers is NOT needy; it is accurate!!

Just who the fuck do you think you are that you demand "respect" all the damn time? Just do your fucking job - for the right reasons - and stop crying for a pat on the fucking back. Or quit. Everyone knows you want to.
Observing accurately is not DEMANDING, bignose!!

Uh-huh. Put AI in the same room as teen-age boys..and what do you think will happen?

Stevie Hyder felt nauseous.
Standing in the hallway at her Illinois high school a few weeks ago, the 15-year-old found out one of her sophomore classmates was using artificial intelligence, or AI, to create nude photos of her. Dozens of doctored images of her and other teenage girls were floating around, a friend told her. Some even depicted teachers.
By the time the principal called her mom, Hyder was the 22nd girl on his list.

As AI gains a stronger foothold in the American economy and culture, administrators are watching it creep into schools.
In December, two middle school boys at a charter school in Miami were arrested on suspicion of using an AI app to create nude photos of their classmates, who were between the ages of 12 and 13, according to an arrest warrant.
Officials charged the boys with third-degree felonies, citing a state law that forbids the “unauthorized promotion of a sexually explicit image.” A number of states, including Texas and Virginia, have so-called “deepfake laws,” which criminalize the nonconsensual creation of pornography using an image of another person. Even more state legislatures are mulling putting such rules on the books.
A few months later, a similar scandal hit a middle school in Beverly Hills, California.
In February, five eighth-graders at Beverly Vista Middle School were involved in using AI to superimpose the faces of 16 other eighth-graders onto photos of nude bodies, according to CBS Los Angeles and a statement from the district.

The Beverly Hills Police Department launched an investigation into the incident, according to department spokesperson Andrew Myers. The probe is ongoing.
These AI programs are actually pretty amazing. Not sure about them being illegal, though. Yes, they can generate some very realistic pictures, but, in the end, it's not actually the real person's body. It would be very hard to police, especially if the renderings are not shared.
Some of us still consider your vocation to be above nearly any other; maybe not the Doctor or the Priest but up there in the top three. (East European Peasant attitude here).


Thank you--conservatives in general definitely do not think so.
Few go into it; even fewer stay.

My fellow conservatives are still stuck thinking the problem is we're trying to indoctrinate kids.

Sure, sure. That's the ticket.
Actually, very few people assign the blame for efforts to indoctrinate students to the teachers (generally speaking).

School boards and administrators and local and state politicians are another story.
And we all know an inevitable end result of this. Ready?

A major party candidate is running for a high office. A video surfaces showing said candidate in sexual congress with an underage female, perhaps purporting to be from a security camera in a Thai whorehouse. It's a good enough fake that it's impossible to shake, and the partisans latch onto it like barnacles, posting and reposting it ad nauseum. The candidate loses his campaign, gets hauled up on charges and spends time in prison where he is killed, all for a faked video. A year of two later the video is proven fake, but the damage is done, and no one can track down the originator for prosecution. It's the Steele dossier all over again, only more effective.

And if you don't think it will happen, you don't know political dirty tricks.

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