Republicans tout ground game and early vote in key states as stronger than 2012


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Mar 9, 2014
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Waiting on the Cowardly Dante!!
I imagine that the Enthusiasm Gap has just reared its ugly head!!!!

As polls tightened in the presidential race, Donald Trump’s campaign and Republican leaders said Tuesday that their get-out-the-vote operation and early returns are stronger than they were four years ago.

“The Trump campaign is on the offensive and we’re expanding our map, expanding our presence in battleground states and in blue states like Michigan and New Mexico, said David Bossie, Trump’s deputy campaign manager, during a call with reporters.

“Republicans have historically lagged Democrats in early voting, but we usually make up the difference with turnout on election day. This year, we are outperforming Mitt Romney while Democrats are underperforming Barack Obama in crucial battleground states. We’ve been able to cut into their lead big -time.”

Chris Carr, the Republican National Committee’s political director, said their organization in key states began much earlier than in prior elections, and their volunteers had already knocked on more than 13.3 million doors, nearly 2 million more than four years ago.

In early voting and absentee voting, Carr said, Republicans were outpacing their 2012 performance in Arizona, Colorado, Florida, Iowa, Michigan, Montana and North Carolina and in key counties in Georgia, Ohio and Wisconsin.

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Oct 26, 2011
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The local union where I am working is still pushing Hillary. What is wrong with Unions that they know only one teat to suckle? The one they are on now is old and dried up but they don't seem to give a damn that Hillary supported NAFTA and now supports TPP, regardless of what she is saying before Nov 8th.

Unions, their own worse enemies.

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