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  • Sorry for misquoting you in the gun thread. I fixed it. I was talking to the other guy and quoted you instead.
    Wishing you and your a joyous Christmas and a Happy New Year. I got my Christmas present early.....on November 8th!
    Same back at you. Nov 8 was great, the meltdown since has been priceless.
    You are right Freewill. I would much rather be working. Health is so bad, I can not even doo the construction repairs that I need done to my home. I know how, just not able too. As a woman I have gone froom being a vehicle mechanic to not e3ven able to rebuild my own subroof.
    Hi. Do you consider SSI , people who can not work, due to extensive uncurable illnesses, most life thrreatning welfare. Well I am in that cataagory , living on SSI, with epelipsy, and the 3 illnesses caused by it. Perforated ulcer disease, and permantly dammaged kidney, which I am going to have to have a 2nd surgary on. Am I a welfare case ?
    Not sure where this is coming from. I just posted some thoughts on medicare. I have a few family members using welfare and I know they all would rather not be using it. I will assume that considering the condition you are relaying you would much rather not be on welfare.

    So yes, it sounds like you are on welfare but you also sound like the kind of person the system was designed to help.
    hi, i reposted your subject, it's a good one, worthy of discussion, you get the reps ! cheers, scott e.
    If you're NOT against airstrikes and cruise missile strikes...Well, you're just doing this to score political points.

    Kind of sad that you would rather risk the lives of our troops.
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