Rep. Pascrell Jr. Seeks To Disbar giuliani And 22 Other trump Lawyers


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Nov 18, 2019
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Doxxing is publishing the information in an attempt to get people to harass the people in question.
Not according to Twitter. Doxxing is publishing private information.

Hunter Biden’s email address was private. The NY Post published his private information. The story violated twitter’s policy and was blocked. Republicans in Congress threatened and intimidated Twitter to allow an obvious violation of their policy because that’s what authoritarian thugs do.
Then why did twitter not accuse the Post of Doxxing, AND apologize for banning them?

Show me where they said the ban was due to the email addresses, and not due to it being leaked content.

Twitter got called out, not intimidated.

Oh and again, please go fuck yourself with an aids infested, flaming rusted tire iron.
Twitter did accuse them of doxxing you dumb ass.

Fuck man. You first didn’t even know the email addresses were in there in the first place. Now I’m educating your ass again on what Twitter said about it.

How many times does your ignorance need to be exposed before you sit the fuck down and stop pretending you have any idea what you’re talking about?
They went with the hacked materials thing first, and only added the personal thing as covering their ass. and again, they apologized for the ban.

Again, doxxing is release of personal information with the intent for the persons to be harrassed or even harmed.
Your answers keep shifting after I keep exposing your ignorance.

Show me where they went with the “hacked materials” thing first.

It was just minutes ago that you didn’t even know the email addresses were in there in the first place you ignorant asshole.
You keep trying to justify harassment over and over and its fucking pathetic.

I will never give this up. I will respond to ever post, insult you at every turn, wish for bad things to happen to you FOR FUCKING EVER

I own you, keep at it post after post, day after day, YEAR AFTER FUCKING YEAR.

you are a fucking cancer.
You asked for where the emails were published. I showed you. You asked for where Twitter said it violated personal information, I showed you.

I asked you to prove your claim and you won’t.

Your only strategy is to make shit up and act like an asshole.

Put up or shut up.

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