Nov 7, 2014
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This is a lecture by Black historian, Zak Kondo, a scholar & college professor, that reveals rare facts on the life and death of Black activist, Malcolm X, from Mr. X (Malcolm X) having been formerly engaged to one of the teen girls that Elijah Muhammad secretly fathered a child with, to the American F.B.I. planting fake newspapers articles to sew discord among Nation of Islam leadership...Enjoy!:

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Anyone wishing to skip ahead to the discussion about the relationship between Elijah Muhammad & the woman to whom Malcolm X had been engaged, Professor Kondo speaks on that in response to a question asked at, 2:15:58.

Poll: Did you know that Evelyn Williams, one of the teen girls that Elijah Muhammad secretly ("secretly" before Mr. Muhammad's domestic life became "general" or public knowledge) fathered a child with had been previously engaged to Malcolm X?...major soap opera moment, or what???

...Mr. Kondo asks a good question about Ms. Williams & Mr. Muhammad's "marriage" (as the Nation of Islam says that they were husband & wife)...Mr. Kondo asks, "Why if they were husband & wife in 1964, why did Ms. Williams need to sue Mr. Muhammad for child support as she did in 1964?"

Anyone have any clues on the answer to this question, or an answer to the question itself?...not trying to stir up any trouble. But knowledge is power as the old saying goes.


Interview with former Nation of Islam member & official, Abdullah Abdur-Razzaq who was an official in the NOI's New York City mosque when Malcolm X was the Minister of that mosque, that discloses rare facts like:

-Elijah Muhammad (the group's leader and the alleged "Messenger of God") said, "whoever murders a Muslim must be murdered."
-Elijah Muhammad's daughter Ethel Muhammad talked to men in the Nation of Islam about their "sexual duties."
-Nation of Islam members had been murmuring about murdering Malcolm X as early as the time that he (Malcolm X) was under suspension from the group in 1963-1964.
-Elijah Muhammad once said that Malcolm X "will never desert me" (will never desert Mr. Muhammad.)
-Nation of Islam high-up officials openly talked in secret about the group (the Nation of Islam) being phony & being out to fleece money from it's members.
-The F.B.I. had been monitoring Malcolm X since BEFORE he (Malcolm X) joined the Nation of Islam because Malcolm X had wrote a letter to Black activist, Paul Robeson.
-Confessed Malcolm X murderer & Nation of Islam member Talmadge X Hayer named all of the Nation of Islam members that participated in the murder of Malcolm X in the year, 1977.

Enjoy! :)

(*Video is being posted for purposes of the acquisition of knowledge and not for purposes of stirring up hatred or fighting. Please, no one start fighting or stirring up hatred because of this video but just intelligently acquire the knowledge available in it)

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Another rare fact being posted for educational purposes; please no fighting and hatred stirring over this:

The Nation of Islam's (the group that Malcolm X left) founder was convicted of selling illegal narcotics in the year, 1926. People will see, "violated Poison Act," and those familiar with the NOI will see the "W.D." in the name, on the mugshot:


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