1. P@triot

    The Deep State troubles continue

    The F.B.I. was one of the most respected organizations in the world for many decades. It took only a few short years for Barack Insane Obama and Eric Holder to turn it into a cesspool of corruption. Sessions catches another alleged intelligence leaker – this one’s a former FBI agent
  2. Anonymous1977

    My open letter to the FBI which they have ignored. Maybe their ignoring will hurt others

    I wrote this letter to the FBI and they have given me no response...the possible people in the middle referred to in the letter apparently they do not care about: Greetings & Salutations Sir or Madam FBI agent, My name is Yahyaa (Mr. Yahyaa Waahid.) I am an Agnostic man who has realized that...
  3. Anonymous1977

    Nation of Islam and the United States government

    Wanted to post these pictures because this is very good information in my opinion. I am not posting them to try to incite fighting or hatred. Please just take away the knowledge given here and please don't start fighting and attacking people in any of this. But could these pictures mean that...
  4. Anonymous1977

    Rare facts on the life and death of Malcolm X

    This is a lecture by Black historian, Zak Kondo, a scholar & college professor, that reveals rare facts on the life and death of Black activist, Malcolm X, from Mr. X (Malcolm X) having been formerly engaged to one of the teen girls that Elijah Muhammad secretly fathered a child with, to the...
  5. Anonymous1977

    The Nation of Islam, the FBI, & the assassination of Malcolm X

    This is a lecture about the assassination of Malcolm X by professor and scholar Zak Kondo wherein is discussed the little known facts that (1)one of the teen secretaries that Elijah Muhammad had fathered children with was engaged to Malcolm X and (2)in 1964 members of the Boston Massachusetts...
  6. Anonymous1977

    F.B.I. to activist: "You know, it's a fact we can ELIMINATE people."

    At 11:34 in this video, 2 F.B.I. agents who were trying to bribe Black activist Malcolm X to turn against his group the Nation of Islam are shown saying to Mr. X, "you know, it's a fact we can eliminate people"... ... -
  7. Anonymous1977

    U.S. government *intercepting* mail & phone calls BEFORE 9/11

    Video of late Black leader Khalid Muhammad, who died *BEFORE* 9/11 happened saying that the U.S. government intercepted people's mail & phone calls:

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