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Quote of the week: from Rome


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Nov 20, 2012
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“A man and a woman form a marriage,” Gandolfini said. “The others are alchemy.”

At the enormous rally at Circus Maximus in Rome where upwards of half a million Italians were protesting the upcoming court decision on formalizing gay unions and beyond. One of the leaders of the protest Massimo Gandolfini was quoted by the Washington Post with his witty and meaningful barb. I think it speaks truth from the heavens.

I top post this to remind Skylar who chastised me repeatedly for being an ignoramus for using the word “alchemy” to refer to gay marriages had zero relevance. He insists alchemy only refers to medieval science trying to turn base metals like lead into gold. No, Skylar, the word is far richer than that. It, in many ways, is the abode of so many who defy God because they think they know better. I suggest legalizing gay marriage is one of those arenas we take horrible risks as a culture.

Urban Dictionary: alchemy

Modern Alchemy is a magical art that aims at the spiritual transformation of the Alchemist.

In ancient times the study of Alchemy led to the founding of the science of chemistry.

Unknown to many people the goal of study of alchemy was not to turn base metals into gold.

By being able to turn base metals into gold the Alchemist was believed to transform him self spiritually, and the gold was sometimes thought to be a metaphor for the Alchemist soul.

And the transformation was thought to take place to magical or paranormal means.

Alchemist wrote there texts in a type of code to keep people only seeking wealth from corupting the science.

Modern Alchemy is an occult science and studied by people serious about the spiritual side of the universe.


Thousands protest Italy plan to permit same-sex unions

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