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Jul 11, 2015
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#TheLargerIssue #SingleParenting #ChildNeglectMaltreatment #MentalHealth #Solutions

TheAdviseShow, VOICE SWAY Phil Scott,, Faulkner, Owens.jpg

Hello. The theme of this discussion of Recognizing and DENOUNCING Haters.

Much like most hateful 'PRO BLACK, Woke & Conscious Black Community' minded Americans cashing in on PRO BLACK American sanctioned 'people and community harming dysfunctions', Phillip Scott, the host of The Advise Show and other video broadcast channels, is wading waist deep in PRO BLACK HATE, dysfunction & hypocrisy.

Several years ago I was blocked from posting comments on The Advise Show YT channel after criticizing host Phil Scott for creating a channel denigrating apparent emotionally or mentally ill black American citizens as HOOD RATS, HYENAS, SAVAGE ANIMALS and RATCHET females. :not cool:

Apparently I was not the only citizen witnessing Phil's hate toward apparent emotionally troubled fellow American citizens, many who THROUGH NO FAULT OF THEIR OWN, were IRRESPONSIBLY introduced to an UNHEALTHY, traumatic, potentially life scarring childhood and teen upbringing fraught with Struggles, PAIN, Hardships, COMMUNITY FEAR, Frustrations, Uncertainty, Depression, Sorrow, Sadness, Torment, Demeaning Government Handouts, Resentment, HATE and COMMUNITY VIOLENCE!
"Phil From The Advise Show Exposed As A Black Women Hater" Published on Sep 30, 2018 by Tectonic Logic

In this YT broadcast, Domeniq speaks about witnessing Phil Scott transitioning to a PRO BLACK image. A PRO BLACK image that in my opinion Phil recognized was more profitable for him and his family than his RATCHET hating public image. :sad:

"Phil "The Advise Show" Scott Is Trying To Hide The Evidence Now!" Published on Oct 8, 2018 by Domeniq X #PhonyPhilTheFraud

@ 10:00 in the following broadcast Life Coach Lenon Honor, an apparent caring, sensible, RESPONSIBLE American citizen, speaks about what he calls...

"The White Supremacy Promotion Hustle" ~Lenon Honor

"3 LESSONS LEARNED FROM PHIL OF THE ADVISE SHOW" Streamed live on Oct 2, 2018 by Lenon Honor

For people wishing to learn more about issues affecting our black or American friends, neighbors and co-workers of African descent, I recommend SUBSCRIBING to Lenon's channel and Liking, as well as SHARING broadcasts you believe should be heard by a wider audience.
In this broadcast, YT broadcaster The Amazing Lucas calls-out "PRO BLACK" Phillip Scott for his sharing with our world his "PRO BLACK" hypocrisy.

"Phil Advise Show Exposed to be a Fraud for having a WHITE wife" ~TheAmazingLucas

In this broadcast Living Room Gangster criticizes and makes jokes about "PRO BLACK" Phillip Scott talking smack and spreading HATE.

"Secretly recorded conversation between Phil the Advise Show & his wife." published by Living Room Gangster

In this broadcast Minister Jap interviews Phillip Scott. I did NOT watch this entire broadcast, though I did read the Comments Section learning quite a few people believe Phillip Scott is a $for-profit$ fraud and liar.


My friends, there are plenty more American citizens producing videos sharing opinions about race-hustler Phillip Scott, the CEO of The Advise Show, as well as several other YT channels.

Sadly, today PRO BLACK minded Phil Scott continues focusing on spreading HATE while he ignores CHILD CARE and HEALTH issues affecting far too many Americans of ALL ages.

I have a question for TODAY's updated version of HATER Phillip Scott: Who is primarily responsible for raising, nurturing and socializing perfectly healthy American newborns maturing into apparent emotionally troubled, far too often violent, SUIC!DAL, HOMIC!DAL teen and adult citizens engaging in 'people and community harming behaviors', as well as maturing into hateful citizens largely lacking compassion, empathy and respect for their peaceful or less fortunate neighbors!

I am referring to HATE that 'Childhood Trauma' (#ACEs) and Gun Violence Homicide victim the popular American urban-TRUTH-teller Tupac Shakur is referring to in his often misinterpreted, much ignored T.H.U.G.L.I.F.E. Child Abuse, Emotional Neglect, Abandonment & Maltreatment *AWARENESS-PREVENTION* Public Service Announcement applying to American and foreign born child caregivers of all backgrounds!

"The HATE U Give Little Infants Fvvks *EVERYONE"* ~Tupac Shakur

"Black Children Have Highest Abuse Rates" By Jazelle Hunt, BlackVoiceNews.com

Black Children Have Highest Abuse Rates

Jazelle Hunt, a Washington correspondent for the National Newspaper Publishers Association News Service, recently completed week-long training at the University of Southern California as one of 14 journalists awarded a 2014 National Health Fellowship.

Jazelle Hunt, Dr. Nadine Burke Harris.png

In closing, to learn more about how many folks perceive and view Phillip Scott, I recommend reading the Comments Sections of the videos I shared in the post.
The GOOD NEWS: Introducing RESPONSIBLE, caring 'SOULutions' oriented Child Abuse Awareness, Education & PREVENTION Advocate, California Surgeon General Dr. Nadine Burke Harris, MD, FAAP, MPH, Founder and CEO of the 'Center for Youth Wellness'.

Nadine Burke Harris

Dr Nadine Burke Harris | Founder & CEO Center for Youth Wellness |

Become enlightened, YouTube search terms: "mental health illness black community"
'Exposing 'PRO BLACK' Modus Operandi, Logic, Fvvkery, Savagery, White Supremacy' ~Mrs. Princella Clark-Carr

Exposing 'PRO BLACK' Modus Operandi, Logic, Fvvkery, Savagery and White Supremacy
"Pro Black American Logic Succinctly Explained By Social Commentator Mr David Carroll"

'Pro Black American' Logic Succinctly Explained By Social Commentator Mr David Carroll

Related thread: White Adolescents Stops Raging Cop Before He Brutalized Black Friend

Phillip Scott, kendrick lamar.jpg Phillip Scott, Dr Nadine Burke Harris, Dr Bruce Perry.jpg

American *(Children)* Lives Matter; Take Pride In Parenting; *End Our Nation's *CHILD CARE* PUBLIC HEALTH CRISIS*; End Community Violence, Police Anxiety & Educator's Frustrations
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