1. Sayaras

    "palestinan" Arab butcher of 5-year-old girl hiding under bed - caught hiding in Shifa maternity ward

    Note the symbolic - sending him to allah as he was hiding in the maternity ward where mothers are supposed to bring life, children. And it was Purim season: when which commemorates the day when Haman had plotted to kill the Jews, “from the young to the old, little children and women”...
  2. FDR_Reagan

    Racism: Washington Post Contributor Celebrates Oct. 7 Massacre. ("Palestinian" Hajar Harb)

    I bet WaPo will say "we are investigating.." LOL. ÷÷÷÷÷÷ Washington Post Contributor Celebrates Oct. 7 Massacre. April 1, 2024 Hajar Harb is a London-based reporter who, according to her LinkedIn profile, served as a “collaborating journalist with the Washington Post” for the last two...
  3. Sayaras

    Fake historian racist Gilbert Achcar belittled Holocaust, compared Oct/7 "Palestinian" Arab atrocities on civilians to Ghetto Uprising

    On Hamas’s October Counter(sic)-Offensive" 10/8/2023. Gilbert Achcar "..Gaza’s latest counter-offensive brings indeed to mind the 1943 Warsaw Ghetto Uprising." Agenda-driven Gilbert Achcar: hiding, distorting the awful true Goliath Arab nazism. https://www.danielpipes.org/comments/261677...
  4. FDR_Reagan

    U.S. slams racist Francesca Albanese (UN) and her pallyWeid "accusation "

    Better late than never... _________ Department Press Briefing - March 27, 2024 - United States Department of State. MR MILLER: I did see the report. Let me say a couple things about it. First, we have long – for longstanding – for a longstanding period of time opposed the mandate...
  5. Sayaras

    Long bloody ugly record of Racist FRANCESCA ALBANESE (UN "Special Rapporteur")

    Already before she was appointed at UN as a so called "Special Rapporteur" , alarm sounded off, a few years back. FRANCESCA ALBANESE FEBRUARY 23, 2024 TRACING THE DUBIOUS ALLEGATIONS OF SEXUAL VIOLENCE MADE AGAINST ISRAELI FORCES The only source for the allegations of sexual violence by...
  6. HaShev

    Why are Racist in the Dem party lifted to speakership?

    We know Pelosi is racist by the way she uses illegals and tolerates the human trafficking as slave labor for her vineyard, and via her words used about the way she see's Latinas being Maids and lawn care servants and never mentioning the lawyers, Dr's, politicians, entertainment execs, tech...
  7. Sayaras

    Revealed: Hamas's Sinwar: pedophile, held Mein Kampf - inspired him; taught competition 'who kills more Jews'

    Comment: This piece of sh#t was at the Hamas charter with sheikh Ahmed Yassin. Why his profile is vital to understand what Islamofascistic Hamas is at its core. _ Already about 30 years ago: this is how Sinwar planned the invasion and the massacre. The untold story of Sinwar: the competition...
  8. FDR_Reagan

    Downunder: Again fake "[i]slamophobia": Arabs set fire to pAlEStInIAn burger shop try to invent bloodlibel on Jews

    This looks like a typical despicable CAIR lobby story in our USA.. Fakestinian racism. Second Burgertory blaze accused faces court. Emily Woods, Australian Associated Press, February 1, 2024
  9. FDR_Reagan

    Germany anti-Hebrew: 1933 by Nazis; 2023/4 by Arab Islamists (pro Nazism)

    2023-4 Berlin: A man and a woman talk Hebrew and are beaten up by Arabs because of it. January 7, 2024. https://medforth.biz/berlin-a-man-and-a-woman-talk-hebrew-and-are-beaten-up-by-arabs-because-of-it/ Muslim Anti-Semitism in Berlin: "Wide Swaths of Arab-Speaking Population Harbor...
  10. Sayaras

    10 myths about [palestinian-terrible] UNRWA you may have mistakenly believed

    What sad is that I has been the case for decades. UNRWA is rotten to its core. "10 myths about UNRWA you may have mistakenly believed." Myth 1: UNRWA is a UN organization. Well, technically it is, but in fact, UNRWA is a Palestinian outfit with Palestinian employees and Palestinian...
  11. Sayaras

    Dirty Fascist palestine official vows to "Purify" Land of Jews…

    What is racism??? "Pure Arab" sounds like Hitler's aide Ahmad Shukeiri. https://www.memri.org/tv/snr-hamas-official-sami-abu-zuhri-purify-gaza-return-land-attack-america-soldiers-jordan-message-israel Congressional Record: Proceedings and Debates of the ... Congress, United States. Congress...
  12. Sayaras

    Islamic fascist Republic of Iran contaminating Chinese w/ antisemitism

    Connecing the dots. Iranian Islamic Republic poison infecting Chinese... a new hate front. Ever wondered why TikTok - algorithm is a new major player in modern 'Der Sturmer'... Iran joins Middle East propaganda war on China's TikTok Iran Joins Middle East Propaganda War on China's...
  13. Sayaras

    NY News: Suspended: racist-Arab "Palestinian" NYU prof., Amin Husain, proudly admits being antisemitic, claims to be denying October 7 atrocities

    More reasons to take control of immigration in the US. ___ NYU prof caught telling students Hamas baby killings ‘not true’ suspended after shocking clip revealed. By Snejana Farberov and Ronny Reyes. January 25, 2024...
  14. FDR_Reagan

    CNN airs Oct. 7 clip showing 'evidence of beheadings' by Hamas - Islamofascist "pAleStinIan" animalism

    Too bad, they had to do it. And we all know why. Because of Gaza health ministry butchery Hamas "denying" it. It reminds other such lowlife like that racist-troll Hitler fan here "questioning "... and hypocrically calls others as supposed "racist" - typical sick. FYI It is CNN which is...
  15. FDR_Reagan

    Anti-White-racist S. African who sang ‘Kill the Boer’: Hamas ‘did nothing wrong’ in Oct. 7 jihad atrocities

    Son you have an idea what's up at Hague.. ___ “South African Politician Julius Malema: Hamas Did Nothing Wrong; When Under Occupation, You Shoot to Kill, That’s What Nelson Mandela Did; When We Take Over, We Will Arm Hamas, Remove Israeli Embassy,” MEMRI, October 23, 2023:
  16. FDR_Reagan

    Support for Hamas and swastikas on the tomb of Prophet Joshua [Nazi Arab pAlEStINe]

    Since Feb 1941 poll, Arab-Nazism in "palestine" never ceased... ____ Support for Hamas and swastikas: the tomb of Yehoshua bin Nun in Samaria was vandalized Now 14, Dec 24, 2023: "Twice a fortnight damage to deterrence - it is imperative to restore deterrence against these Nazis," said the...
  17. Sayaras

    Besides pro-genocide Islamic states, almost no one supports South Africa's fake "genocide" case (aided by racist "Palestinian" Authority)

    The trick with the fake genocide case is to send a non Muslim country to head it as being the "face." But it's all Islamic bigots behind it. Al Jazeera lists the countries which have officially backed the South African case before the ICJ claiming Israel is engaged in "genocide." It starts...
  18. FDR_Reagan

    R.I.P. IDF beautiful black Zionist soldier

    PS I'm White. _ I'm guessing, the arrested "1,300 are affiliated with Hamas" in the article are besides the 9,000 Hamas butchers eliminated or arrested, as per Jan 5. Jan 5 2024 update: - "IDF says officer killed in northern Gaza fighting, raising ground operation toll to 176." - Link...
  19. FDR_Reagan

    Racist Nazi-Arabs in Hamburg: "we are for Hitler, Gas the Jews!" (free pALeStInE)

    When you watch the YouTube by German media [BILD], you see that when the Arab celebrates Hitler, the other Arab laughes and adds "free pALESTInE" __ Teenager-Randale in Hamburg: Judenhasser ruft nach Hitler. by Franziska Ringleben, Bild, October 25, 2023. [Teen riots in Hamburg: Jew haters...
  20. FDR_Reagan

    German-researcher warns of alliance: Islamists & Nazis… like in the 1930s

    Comment: Merkel maybe tried to improve new Germany's image by importing a million non-Ayrans. But islamofascism hatred backfires. ÷÷ Germanarrative. earcher sees worrying alliances in anti-Semitism. DPA Tue, January 2, 2024 at 10:43 PM PST ...This false but powerful construction can be...
  21. FDR_Reagan

    Another Hitler-praising Islam-Imam pAlESTiNiAn

    Nothing to see here. Absolutely nothing. Or maybe we should ask Claudine Gay on what "context" the Islamic Imam preaches? = Nazis not just in Gaza: Imam in Shechem [Nablus] Praises Hitler HakolHayehudi | Oct 24, 2023 Hakol Hayehudi exposes: Naaman Mashaikh, an Imam at a mosque in Balata...
  22. FDR_Reagan

    Airport Riots: Nerdeen Kiswani: Holocaust-memorial-interrupter racist-Arab pAlEsTInIaN

    Interrupting Holocaust commemorative ceremonies is "free-pAlEsTInE?" .Nerdeen Kiswani (WOL) is infamous for interrupting Holocaust commemorative ceremonies. Gunz, a former classmate of Kiswani's at CUNY Law, has said that Kiswani has been criticized "because she interrupts Holocaust...
  23. FDR_Reagan

    pAlEsTInE child-killers Hamas: we seek global Islamist domination Caliphate (post its Oct 7 atrocities)

    And you thought these racist-Arab child killers, who target non-Arab civilians while using its own Arab civilians... will stop with the infidels on the holyland? Hamas Official Fathi Hammad: Palestinians Are Preparing To Establish An Islamic Caliphate With Jerusalem As Its Capital; West Bank...
  24. Sayaras

    Majority of Anti-Semitic Crimes in Germany Linked to Islam - ism

    Some get fooled by "just criticizing Israel" Taqiyya mask... Arabism is racism. Islamism is bigotry. Majority of Antisemitic Crimes in Germany Related to 'Foreign' or 'Religious' Ideology...
  25. HaShev

    Is the Media guilty of the Racism it shouts about? (The Nikki Hailey incident)

    The so called town hall civil war question gotcha moment the Media is running with is a false complaint, because Nikki answered the guy's question with a deeper more intellectual answer that covered Slavery when she talked about man's freedoms-Duh! If you say the civil war wasn't over freedoms...
  26. Sayaras

    French captive: ‘Everyone there is a terrorist’ (racist Arab-palestine)

    Next time you hear about "innocent civilians".. not all are that "innocent." _ Mia Shem opens up about Gaza captivity: ‘Everyone there is a terrorist’ "It's important to me to reveal the truth about the people who live in Gaza, about who they really are," Shem says in a preview of an...
  27. FDR_Reagan

    Black man: ‘Them Arabs in motherf***ing Detroit tried to kill me!' (Arab racism)

    Speaking of Arab racism.. The Daily Mail quoted “a black activist” (with no name provided) who sustained two black eyes as stating:
  28. Sayaras

    Hitlerists attacks non-zionists Jews - taking advantage of racist-Arabism momentum

    The heil-Hitler attack on non-Zionists pious Jews in London (at a neignourhood known as a bastion of orthodox Jews adherents to Talmud and oppose Zionism) comes as racist Arabism and bigoted Islamism sweeep all over. From jihad-zeera to twisted Arab reporters-cum-Hamas stenographers Raja...
  29. Sayaras

    "Palestine" savages sexually abused hostages - Allah Akbar

    Any wonder others are just killed or the "Gaza Health Ministry" denies "knowing" their location... Israeli Hostages Endured Violent Sexual Assault in Gaza, Doctors Confirm. By Hakey Strack December 22, 2023 Doctors responsible for treating the released Israeli hostages have confirmed that...
  30. Sayaras

    Ugly Pro frankenstein "palestine" savages disrupt kids

    The pro-Hamas savages are totalitarians. You must submit and do as they demand, or you will not get a moment’s peace. Carols by Candlelight live TV Christmas broadcast ambushed by pro-Palestinian protest,” Sky News Australia, December 24, 2023:

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