Portland police officer speaks out about riots.

Daryl Hunt

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Oct 22, 2014
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He expresses the frustration he has experienced trying to have conversations with "protestors".

The Officers said what I have said all along. The real problems are NOT with the locals. The Locals have legitimate grievances but it gets lost in all the circus. The Officer said it best, the instigators are NOT from Portland. And there are more diversity in the Cops ranks than the Protesters. The real trouble makers aren't black or of color. They are white. When the Cop asked why the White Girl tried to talk for the Black Girl, she said someone told her to do it. The instigators are well coordinated and financed and not even from Portland and certainly white. I would like to thank the Officer for being so candid and pointing out the REAL problem that if the Feds and Rump were actually doing their jobs, they would find out who and what these white organizations are and go after them instead of this brown shirt crap.

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