Of Bubbles and COLA's!


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Feb 22, 2009
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Economists tend to note that increased deficit spending is intended to inflate prices. That even works if anyone can afford to pay them.

During the Great Black Hole, in the universe of Presidential Administrations, then coming off of the Clinton Administration--The Yale University educated, Chief Executive, announced that he had been taught that in recessions, you create deficit spending. So like in the original Reagan Trajectory: Federal Deficit Spending For the rich happened. As opposed to killing of children in gang turf wars, its was found far safer, and more patriotic, to kill them off in basis-free wars.

The Clintons had created an Equal Dollar Per Child Tax Credit, which helped to throw millions off of the income tax rolls(?)! Deficits happened. The rich had so much money, in fact, that Al Gore would go on to claim credit for inventing both the internet and Silicon Valley. Rich people had money to invest, and these companies made no money at all!

The Vice President was right, but that didn't mean that it had worked all that well. The Soviets had noticed the similar computing flaw--that the rich get richer, and the poor get poorer, when everyone gets the same annual percentage pay raise. Even the generals couldn't keep the place open for business, in failed markets, and failing markets.

The Soviets had markets.

Silicon Valley had businesses.

Bubbles happen when nothing else does. In a real cost-of-living adjustment--back in the 40's and 50s, in union shops--a 0.3 point rise in the Consumer Price Index was worth a $0.01 per hour Cost-of-Living Raise. That happened for high-end supervisors, and the lowest end of what was called, "scale." The COLA was equal amount, like in Matthew 20::1-16, wherein a denarius was paid to every worker, regardless of the scale of time at which they were hired.

Again, for classroom analysis and discussion, it is widely known that Jewish-born Jesus Christ, was not AFL-CIO. Catholics would eventually change that, in Protestant America: Where we now have a Supreme Court, just like the original Framers intended.

But I Impress(?)!

In Matthew 25::14-30, the servant who dug in the earth, would be cast out: Even though the two upper silver recipients would gain double their respective donations(?)! Venice Beach, in CA, knows about those. The fellow who had buried the silver in the ground was actually left behind, called, "cast out." In that household, that servant was unable to keep going. So when the doubling happend for the rich only, instead of the household then having eight talents, it only had seven: Like might be expected from the Pythagorean Theorem. The Pythagoreans were a Greek religion at the time of Jesus, of the superior pantheon of the conquerors. The Law Of Moses: Apparently would mainly hate the Pythagoreans, in the general deity-love fetish of that concept,

So bubbles have been around for awhile, and the solution--an equal amount COLA kind of payment--has been around for awhile. No bubble is shown in the Matthew 20 computing, of the "good" householder. The denarius for the day was about a living wage at that time.

But mostly, it would be read as a COLA, and not as a leveling event. Mostly, the conquered were dirt poor. Mainly, the conquerors went to the games of human slaughter, and the various off-track gaming tables. In Israel, these were probably relegated to the more proper role of religion. Jesus would even set about to hurt them, with the lashings, of the "pain" of it all. The poor themselves, would have something with which to purchase at least subsistence.

Combining the two stories, so that the equal amount would be indexed for the rise of prices: Has yet to occur, apparently, to anyone, anywhere, at all! The one exception would be the raised and indexed, standard deduction and personal exemptions in the 1986 U.S. Income Tax reform. Millions would commence getting thrown off of the tax rolls altogether.

In that sense of bubble, "Tax Cuts" don't happen, and are meaningless. The application of the indexed COLA was in an exemption, instread of a paycheck.

There would be no bubble. There would actually be currency being squadered as usual.

"Crow, James Crow: Shaken, Not Stirred!"
(So it really all turned out to really be about the wafer and the hooch, kind of "religious" experience and "communion(?), after all! There are COLAS's and bubbles, however, even in some of that")
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