Obama's State Of The Union Address Spectacle!


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Jun 6, 2007
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Today, I was reading some news articles about President Obama's State of the Union Address last night and as I generally do when focusing on matters involving President Obama in the back of my mind I hope he would make the changes in his policies and beliefs the country needs to return prosperity and greatness back to our nation. I am reading one of these articles and I am trying to get a handle on that spectacle he displayed Tuesday night and suddenly everything fell into place and the truth became clear. You are wasting your time thinking this man Barack Obama is going to change, his character is set; he is an extreme liberal President that operates by the rules of anything that you can get away with is okay! He is an extreme liberal he wants to spend money on jobs programs on infrastructure spending on education and the like it doesn't matter that it will be all borrowed money and it doesn't matter that the utility of such spending is deficient. One can could go down almost the entire list of extreme liberal policies and check off each item as applying to President Obama. What is doubly bad is that he will violate basic principles of goodness to further these policies. Mr. Obama will ignore the U.S. constitution and take power he is not given to achieve this, he will lobby Senators to pass rules that do away with essentially the sixty vote margin to confirm nominees creating partisan appointment, he will allow important government precedents to be violated such as revoking environmental permits once issued. In fact, he did it last night this address last night was supposed to be about governance the President through this address is supposed to lead federal elected officials to pass legislation that solve important problems the nation has and improve the nation, instead last night Barack Obama gave a sales pitch to the American people on why Democrats are better than Republicans to be in power in Washington and tried to move the American people to favor Democrats in this year's November elections. I think that Mr. Obama and his backers are making a big mistake they will find over the balance of Barack Obama's second term that most Americans want virtue and the right thing done in Washington and they do not support dirty and underhanded and unvirtuous manners of governance in America!

This was shocking and indefensible this State of the Union Address last night how partisan and political pandering President Obama was with it. His statement "But when that debate (about the size of government) prevents us from carrying out even the most basic functions of our democracy – when our differences shut down government or threaten the full faith and credit of the United States – then we are not doing right by the American people." was a barb thrown at Republicans completely unnecessary because the Republicans passed the budget for this year. If he wanted to responsibly address the debt ceiling issue he only needed to say Republicans want to cut the deficit by cutting entitlements, Democrats want to cut the deficit by raising revenue on the wealthy that can afford to pay future elections will have to decide the course of America takes, Congress do not significantly damage the international reputation of America and anger countries throughout the world by carrying on brinkmanship with the debt ceiling raise it without condition until the next Congress is seated in February of 2015.

President Obama's statement that success in America should not depend on accidents of birth but strength of one's work ethic and scope of one's dreams. This was a slight on Republicans everyone knows that a Republican Party base is the wealthy in America and this was a reference to wealthy Americans. The Republican party believes in upward mobility and the American dream as much as the Democrats. This was divisive, dirty and underhanded by the President and unfortunately it represents his character.

Another inappropriate partisan act was President Obama's colorful remarks about the Affordable Care Act, specifically his statements that the American people don't want us fighting old battles, we don't need forty some votes repealing a law helping millions of people. Granted the ACA has done a lot of good and I don't fault you for tooting your horn about that good. But any reasonable person would recognize the ACA mandates have driven up the cost of health insurance on employers thereby suppressing job creation and the laws provisions have reduced provider directory roles and increased co-pays and deductibles thus reducing access for many American. Your completely out of bounds trying to take this issue off the debate table in your SOU address President Obama.

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