President Biden’s 2024 State of the Union Address

Biden initially tried to keep Bibi close ina hope that it might tmper him...

That didn't work so you can see the distancing of him...

Truth is Palestine/Isreal isn't a major vote mover on the left but is a pretty big one on the right

Sending of the ships happens for both sides...

Bidenhas to play the politics on this one...Trump is far right so Biden was going down the moderate route... Personally I would prefer if he simply said publically

Biden: Bibi, what's your objective in bombing Gaza?
Bibi: To get rid of Hamas
Biden: Bombing Gaza will just make Hamas stronger and better financed. They will use that to kill more Israelis... So why do you want more Israelis killed?
Depends on how the bombing is targeted, and what it hits. Often just hitting on or 2 top leaders can mke that side fold. That's what Germany did when Hitler died.
He has a stutter. What subhuman ape Trump's excuse?

Cry some more because POTUS Biden took Trump & his asslickers to the woodshed right to their faces last night.
oooh....he has a poor babee.... LOLOLOL what utter bullshit. You sensitive little girl.
Reading from a teleprompter during the SOTU, which all presidents have done since teleprompters were invented, has nothing to do with morals. Maybe your morals are just too fucked up to know that?

Better have your defibrillator on standby.
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