MSU Prof Stifles Free Thought

It is disgraceful that this student had to go through that, but I was relieved to see the outcome in the article. I do think though, that had the Prof asked a student to sign something conservative or religious, he would have been fired; not just given the semester off.

"A lawsuit against Missouri State University (MSU) brought by a former student who accused a faculty member of violating her First Amendment rights has been settled out of court."

"Emily Brooker, a 2006 MSU graduate, will have her official academic record cleared, her attorneys fees will be reimbursed and she will attend two years of graduate school for free. In addition, Frank Kauffman, assistant professor of social work and director of the Master of Social Work Program at MSU, will be removed from his classroom duties for the remainder of the fall semester."
Yup, and they say that pro-homosexual agendas aren't being shoved down America's throat.

Liberalism, doing wonders for the cause of freedom. :rolleyes:

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