Liberals Here Celebrating Memorial Day By Screaming Over Eric Trump's Memorial Day Re-Tweet

Notice that not a single, solitary liberal here in the forum has posted a single post to honor our fallen warriors on Memorial Day. Instead, they're devoting their time to phony posturing and crocodile screaming over an innocent Memorial Day re-tweet by Eric Trump.

Eric Trump re-tweeted a tweet that showed a Trump family photo with the caption "The family that gave up everything to Save America," and the son added "And we will do it again!"

Well, a bunch of liberals, along with a few Never Trumpers, have pounced on this innocent re-tweet and painted it as disrespectful to the military and to our fallen soldiers.

Yeah, uh-huh. Most of these same liberals have routinely accused our soldiers of war crimes and continue to call for slashing the defense budget, and most of the liberal historians whom they read have repeatedly smeared our military in their writings.

When you point out these facts, liberals reply with the dubious, unverified story that Trump called fallen D-Day soldiers "suckers." The story originated with a bitter Never Trumper, former Trump chief of staff John Kelly. Republicans in Congress warned Trump that Kelly was unreliable and urged him to fire Kelly immediately after the Porter scandal, but Trump chose to ease him out rather than fire him immediately. No other aide who was with Trump when he supposedly made this remark heard him say any such thing.
And you're celebration is complaining about liberals.

very telling.
So Eric Trump thinks the Trump family has sacrificed as much as those who fought and gave their lives for this country

What an asshole
sorry griffin. i brought my wife to her brother's grave this morning, just a remin der. erics trump's fam,ily has sacrificed NOTHING for this country, and he deserves sound boos for saying so.

In that sense, you haven't either.

Stop being sot pompous.

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