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Islam, and the roots of extremism.


I love Andrea & April
Mar 7, 2007
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La Mesa, CA
I believe that when mohammed first started islam, he wanted to spread the religion by the sword. I think there are some muslims who suffer socio-economically, and some join terrorist groups because of it, but I think thats only half the story. As we know not all muslims who become terrorists are poor, uneducated idiots. Just look at the 15 saudi's, I doubt they were poor, and look at the mastermind bin laden, himself rich rich rich. I think parts of the koran are hateful, and we must realize that, and that some people are going to use passages from the koran to justify violence, hatred, and murder. Furthermore, I do not see radical christianity as anything more then a minor threat to the u.s.a. while i do think, global nazi terror is a threat to the whole world.

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