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Iran's Big Bluff Got the Results They Wanted

Adam's Apple

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Apr 25, 2004
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That it was all a big bluff was evident by the Iranian's measuring the kidnapped Brits for suits and shoes on their first day of captivity--but the poor Brits undoubtedly thought it was the real deal and they were being measured for burial clothes.

Iran's Bluff Humbles Britain
By Mark Steyn, Chicago Sun-Times
April 8, 2007

The Associated Press reported the story as follows: ''Analysis: Hope For More Iran Compromises.''

Well, if by ''compromise'' you mean Tehran didn't put them up for a show trial and behead them, you might have a point. With this encouraging development, we might persuade them to wipe only half of Israel off the map, or even nuke some sparsely occupied corner of the Yukon instead. With the momentum of this "compromise" driving events, all manner of diplomatic triumphs are possible.

Tony Blair was at pains to point out that the hostages were released ''without any deal, without any negotiation, without any side agreement of any nature.'' But he's missing (or artfully sidestepping) the point: Tehran didn't want a deal. It wanted the humbling of the Great Satan's principal ally. And it got it. Very easily. And it paid no price for it. And it has tested in useful ways the empty pretensions of the U.N., the EU and also NATO, whose second largest fleet is now a laughingstock in a part of the world where it helps to be taken seriously.

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